Here, kitty, kitty

While running coyotes and foxes with dogs is a year-round sport in Eastern North Carolina, bobcats are only in season from Oct. 13 through Feb. 28. There are no daily bag or season limits. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Drift or anchor? And where?

Drifting and anchoring are the two main techniques that guide Chris Bullock uses when he’s targeting Kerr Lake’s blue catfish. Which he chooses depends on the weather and surface water temperature. […]

Bass Fishing

Fizzing a fish

When bass decides to move from deep to shallower water, they will do it gradually, in small increments, so their internal swim bladders can adjust to the change in water pressure. […]

Bass Fishing

What to wear for winter bass

When winter approaches and you schedule a day on the water, be prepared for temperatures that may start out around or just below freezing and top out between freezing and the mid-50s later in the day.  […]