Bass Fishing

Two bass totaling 17.95 pounds wins SRS Ultimate Fishing Challenge

If you ever get an invitation to fish Par Pond, don’t miss it.

Par Pond, an approximately 2700-acre body of water located at South Carolina’s Savannah River Site, is managed by the Dept. of Energy. While not open to the public, it is open to fishing a few times each year for special occasions, including a recent fishing tournament for a small number of first responders and those who work in law enforcement.



This plant is beaver swamp magic for waterfowl

Banana water lily is the plant that changed my hunting luck way back in 1980. I never really expected the ducks to flock to it like they have in the years since I planted it. It is amazing how many waterfowl it feeds each year, both during and after the waterfowl season. […]


VIDEO: Catching stripers on Lake Wateree

This time of year, everything is biting on Lake Wateree, including stripers. Dieter Melhorn fishes for stripers on several lakes across the Carolinas throughout the year, and while fishing on Wateree last week, he made this informative video. […]


Most important fish in the sea needs your help

Atlantic menhaden are referred to as the most important fish in the sea in large part due to their importance in the diet of many marine predators. Managing Atlantic menhaden for maximum abundance rather than maximum yield is a critical first step in marine ecosystems management.   […]


Top plastic lures for inshore fishing

Soft plastic lures come in many different sizes, colors, and styles. With all of the different soft plastics on the market today it can be overwhelming or confusing for some anglers. I want to cover a few of my favorite go-to soft-plastic/jighead combos I use when targeting reds, trout, and flounder. […]


Photo contest helps preserve N. C. coastal benefits

North Carolina is home to some of the most diverse marine environments on the Atlantic Coast. From the elegant red drum tailing in the shallow marshes to the giant sand tiger sharks dwelling on the deep ship wrecks, North Carolina’s marine ecosystems are truly amazing. However, as beautiful as they may be, they are equally fragile. […]