Going Green

For each species of fish, there’s a threshold that fishermen establish that makes that fish a trophy — one for the wall. […]


Brownie Point Oysters

Well, deer season ended a month ago, and turkey season is still a long ways away.

What few “brownie points” you had after deer season were spent on that duck-hunting trip or the redfish outing.

What’s a sportsman to do? […]


Brushing up on Bream

Fishing for bream is simple.

You wait for a bright day in May, pack a light spinning rod and some redworms or crickets to fish under a bobber and ease around the shallows, dunking your bait near trees, logs or stumps. […]


School’s In!

Of all the things surrounding the back-to-school craze in September, striper fishing falls somewhere down the list, behind buying school supplies, meeting the teacher, or even football games. […]