Swim a worm with a big, ripple tail through shallow water and you’ll run into some bass that haven’t locked down on the bed yet.
Bass Fishing

An alternative to sight-fishing

Sight-fishing is a well-known way to catch largemouth bass in April, but it’s not the only way to catch them. Try these tips to catch bass that most sight-fishing anglers are missing out on. […]

Bass Fishing

Bass anglers, don’t miss October

I have never been shy about how much I love bass fishing in October. For a guy who loves to tie a crankbait on the end of his line, I can’t imagine a better time to be on a lake than the weeks leading up to Halloween. […]

Bass Fishing

June has so much to offer anglers

People who know me well understand that June is probably my favorite month to be on the water, trying to put big bass in my boat. I think it’s just about everybody’s favorite time, because it’s a month when you can catch fish many different ways. They’re really chewing, and you can catch a lot of fish. […]

Bass Fishing

Three go-to hard baits

Most people who know bass fishing understand that I feel most comfortable when I’ve got a crankbait tied on. So when bass go really shallow in the spring, that makes things tough on me, but anyone who likes fishing crankbaits can still catch plenty of fish. […]