Reap brush pile bonanzas

If you spent the winter months at your favorite lake, putting in brush piles or other fish attractors, September is a month when you’ll begin to reap what you sowed. […]


Fish deep, slow, big, a river

Bass fishing in July across North Carolina can be a pretty tough chore unless you settle down and realize you’re forced to do certain things, such as:

• Fish deep.

• Fish slow.

• Fish “big” (in more ways than one).

• Fish a river.


El Salto unlike any U.S. lake

I have been on some great fishing trips in my life to places most fishermen from Lexington, N.C., never have a chance to go — Lake Guntersville. Lake Okeechobee. Kentucky Lake. Toledo Bend. Sam Rayburn. […]

Bass Fishing

Bass, anglers get Marching orders

March is a great month to bass fish, and it’s not just because I’ve been stuck inside for a couple of months or because I’m getting tired of bundling up like an Eskimo to get out on the water. […]