Inshore Fishing

From the hook to the gaff

Jeff Beck and Chris Dawson share some theories on how to fight a king mackerel from a smaller boat. Both will have the angler who is going to fight the fish move immediately to the bow as soon as the fish bites. […]

Offshore Fishing

Grouper tackle and rigging

To be successful, grouper, tackle must be very specific and virtually bulletproof. The name of the game is to immediately pull heavy, strong fish away from structure that can destroy leaders. […]

Offshore Fishing

Extra grouper is worth the extra effort

Brant McMullan, who operates the Ocean Isle Fishing Center, is best known as a king mackerel expert, but when he charters in the fall, he also likes to specifically target gag grouper in the fall. Through trial and error, he has come up with some specific tips for fishermen targeting grouper. […]