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Outdoor Update - October 2020

  • Carolina Beach angler catches 10+ pound flounder
    Jason Ceisner caught a double-digit flounder at Atlantic Beach this past Sunday, and Josh Turbeville gigged a huge flounder Monday night in the same area.
  • Gilbert bowhunter kills big Lexington County 10-pointer
    Bowhunting from his tree saddle, Tyler Pearson of Gilbert, S.C. killed a monster 10-point buck in full velvet on Aug. 18, 2020 in Lexington County.
  • It’s a (duck) dog’s world
    I literally cannot wait for October to get here. Yeah, I know, most people who love being outdoors do, because summer’s heat is behind us, and there are plenty of things to do that involve a gun or a rod. I love catching speckled trout and bass and crappie, but it’s something else altogether that cranks my engine.
  • Shark-fishing family beaches a surprise: Huge tarpon
    When people on the beach complain about him shark-fishing from the surf, Jared Beard of Wilmington, N.C., likes to tell them that he’s really trying to catch a tarpon, cobia or big redfish.

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