Features from May 2020

Columns - May 2020

  • Bass fishermen should love May
    Bass are biting in plenty of …
  • Blackened turkey hand pie recipe
    Our world began changing in late February and was pretty much upside down by the middle of March. We hadn’t gotten to a shelter-in-place order when it was time to get this recipe together, but the grocery stores had been plundered, and the selection was nothing like we are used to as we prepared to prepare the fruits of spring turkey season.
  • Sample spawning speckled trout
    This is a great time of year to put your paddlecraft in along the Carolina coastlines for some speckled trout action.
  • Stay on top of May bass at Santee
    It's all biting at the Santee Cooper lakes, and some of the most exciting fishing right now includes the topwater bass bite.

Outdoor Update - May 2020

  • Carolina turkey hunter kills 11-bearded trophy
    Norway, S.C.'s Mark Shivey killed an 11-bearded turkey on March 24, 2020 that will likely land the hunter on the NWTF's records list for South Carolina.
  • Social distancing? No sweat!
    Social distancing has been a big deal for about two months since the coronavirus sneaked into our lives like a turkey gobbler slipping in from the blind side without making a sound, then giving an alarm putt when he gets inside of 10 yards.

Hot Spots - May 2020