Features from January 2019

Columns - January 2019

  • Do deer diligence: examine the herd
    The Carolinas offer two of the longest deer seasons in the nation, giving hunters more than a hundred days to get the job done.
  • Don’t get stuck in a fishing rut
    Trout anglers in the Carolinas have more options than they could fish in a lifetime, so they shouldn't get stuck on just one or two streams. Winter is a great time for fishing these waters. They are less crowded, and the trout will still bite enough to make it worth a trip.
  • Go deep, go slow for January bass
    January can be a great time to load the boat, if you’re willing to be thorough and patient.
  • Keep your cool; big catfish will
    The colder it gets, the hotter the catfish bite is on the Santee Cooper lakes.
  • Layer up for winter kayak fishing trips
    The winter months are great for kayak fishing, but anglers need to stay safe, warm, and dry. Layering up and wearing the proper clothing is essential, and wearing a PFD this time of year is a must.
  • Show time for fishermen
    Even if you’ve put up your tackle, you can learn plenty during boat and fishing show season.
  • This hearty soup is great on cold days
    This venison-based soup is a great winter meal. Made with cream of mushroom and rice, it is hearty and filling. It's also great when reheated, so make plenty for leftovers.
  • Vudu’s New Weedless Shrimp
    Vudu’s new Weedless Shrimp is perfect for shallow water applications.

Outdoor Update - January 2019

  • 124 bears taken during 2018 S.C. Mountain Bear Harvest
    The 2018 Mountain Bear Harvest was the second best season on record with a total of 124 bears taken. This included 55 during the still hunt and 69 during the dog hunt which included 66 males and 58 females taken in three counties.
  • South Carolina turkey harvest down 6.4 percent in 2018 spring season
    South Carolina turkey hunters wrapped their tags around 17,939 birds this past spring, a 6.4-percent drop from 2017 levels that may reflect poor breeding success over the past handful of years or signal a return to an “average” harvest after harvest increases the past two springs credited to expanded season dates.

Hot Spots - January 2019