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Columns - January 2018

  • 5 bass baits you really need
    January begins show season around the Southeast, whether it be boat shows, tackle shows or outdoor trade shows. I have worked a lot of these shows in the past, and quite often, I go to ones I’m not working, because I’m ready to fill in holes in my tackle box, and a show is an easy place to do that.
  • A crossbow that fills all the bills
    Slightly more than a year ago, I heard rumblings that Matt McPherson and his engineers at Mission Crossbows were working on a revolutionary design that would set the bar higher for the entire industry.
  • Here’s a great venison cube steak recipe
    I believe you’ll enjoy this month’s recipe. It’s my version of something I remember enjoying most of my life.
  • Maintain green fields for deer
    For the past four months, hunters have taken thousands of photos and sat for hundreds of hours in deer stands in hoping to take a trophy deer to peg on the wall.
  • Make 2021 your best ever fishing year
    January is traditionally known as a time to make resolutions or goals for the next 12 months. So now is a great time to set your fishing goals for 2021.
  • Not fly fishing, not bait fishing, spinning is happy medium
    Die-hard fly fishers, some of them, are scornful of bait fishers, portraying them as low-brow fish killers who consume every trout they catch. Bait fishers, some of them, are equally scornful of fly fishers, considering them elitists who catch fish not to eat but to release.
  • Old school isn’t bad to study on
    When guide Bob Winters stowed his gear after a day of fishing on Lake Moultrie, I caught myself wandering around his old Glassmaster boat, checking out the ancient flasher sonar unit. I recognized it because I’d used one myself long ago.
  • Stripers are a great winter target for paddlers
    The striped bass has a long, colorful history, both as a commercial and recreational resource. From the booming commercial fishery in the Northeast in the late 1800s, stripers were transported across the country from New England’s coastal waters to the waters off California, the idea being reproduction of the burgeoning commercial fishery.

Outdoor Updates - January 2018

  • South Carolina man takes huge buck on second chance
    Jacob Davis of Townville, S.C., didn’t do a lot of deer hunting this season until Nov. 5. That’s when a neighbor showed him a trail-camera photo of a huge buck, a monster 6x6 with a high, wide rack.

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