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  • Breaking new ground
    When creating new food plots for wildlife, preparing the land properly is one of the main keys to success.
  • Finding baitfish is key for April bass anglers
    Bass anglers will have more success in April if they know where to find baitfish.
  • Italian turkey roll
    This Italian turkey roll recipe is made up of a unique combination of meats that produces great flavor.
  • Mad props
    Aluminum or stainless steel? Which is the right prop for you?
  • Paddling and perch jerking
    April is a great month to catch a variety of panfish, and kayaks are the perfect craft for targeting them.
  • Skinny water migration
    April is prime time to for catching numerous species of fish in shallow water at the Santee Cooper lakes.
  • Trout don’t always care
    The more realistic your trout flies are, the more confidence you’ll have, but sometimes, the fish just don’t care.

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