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  • An alternative to sight-fishing
    Sight-fishing is a well-known way to catch largemouth bass in April, but it's not the only way to catch them. Try these tips to catch bass that most sight-fishing anglers are missing out on.
  • Brown trout — kings of the trout world
    Brown trout aren't native to the Carolinas, but they thrive throughout certain waters in both states. Anglers shouldn't be afraid to upsize their lure offerings when targeting browns.
  • Near-surface baits for “almost topwater”
    Everyone loves catching speckled trout on topwater lures, but sometimes the fish just aren't in the mood to feed on the surface. When that happens, try one of these lures that run just underneath.
  • Plotting to plant a plot
    Location is the most important aspect of a food plot, but probably not for the reasons most landowners believe. Your location has to have the proper soil to make it worth the time, effor, and money.
  • Shallow-water bass is April’s paddling draw
    The fastest-growing segment of the kayak fishing industry is for bass, and kayak anglers in the Carolinas have a lot of options when it comes to bass fishing in April
  • Spoon-feeding spring redfish
    Anglers are catching plenty of redfish in the inshore waters of the Carolinas, and the Johnson Silver Minnow is one of the most productive lures this time of year.
  • Target Santee’s April triumverate
    If it swims, it's biting right now on the Santee Cooper lakes.
  • Turkey Cordon Bleu (almost)
    It's turkey season, and don't even think about putting that bird in the freezer. Breast it out and put this recipe to the test.

Outdoor Update - April 2019

Field Notes - April 2019

  • Catch more bass with these tube tricks
    Designed to imitate a range of forage, soft-plastic tube baits are among the most-versatile and most-productive baits in a bass fisherman’s arsenal.

Hot Spots - April 2019