Deer Hunting

Speed kills

Will McElveen shoots a Matthews bow that is rated at about 70 pounds pull, which give his arrows a flight speed well in excess of 300 feet per second. But, as is the case for everything McElveen does, there’s a reason for the speed. […]


Bowhunt the Beach

South Carolina’s coastal Heritage Preserves and Wildlife Management Areas may not make the list of trophy locales for most of the state’s deer hunters, but there are benefits to hunting at the beach that are like no other in the state. […]


Bow-Bending Basics

Danny Viverette of Apex hunted deer with firearms for more than 30 years until deciding he wanted a different challenge and returned to hunting with a bow.



Bowing to Pressure

Early season bow hunting can be one of the more challenging ways to hunt white-tail deer. But it can be perhaps the most rewarding of all to a serous bow hunter. […]