20-pound goldfish caught by Kentucky angler

Hunter Anderson shows us the reason we should always carry a fishing rod in our trucks. (photo courtesy of Hunter Anderson)

Angler caught fish on a piece of biscuit

It’s not every day you cast your fishing line and reel in what looks like a massive version of a family pet.

Hunter Anderson, a Kentucky fisherman, caught what he said was a 20-pound goldfish at a private pond in Danville this week.

“My girlfriend and I had been out that day and we were on our way home when I told her ‘hey there used to be some big koi fish and goldfish in that pond’, so she said ‘I wanna see’ and turned the car around,” Hunter Anderson, the lucky fisherman, said. 

Anderson said he had one Cashion Rod with him and all he had for bait was a piece of a ‘Lee’s Famous Recipe’ biscuit.

“So I put a piece of it on the hook the best I could. I cast out there and the fight was on,” Anderson said.

He said he fishes avidly in tournaments and for fun.

Fish put up a big fight

“But this fish was different. It was one of the hardest fighting fish I’ve ever fought. It never ever wanted to give up. I’m lucky I got it in. But I did and I was screaming and jumping up and down as I had never seen anything like it,” Anderson said.

He said he doesn’t know if it was the biggest koi or goldfish ever caught but he’d like to find out.

“Maybe it’s some kind of record,” he said.

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