• Mackerel

    Metal-free mackerel

    Fall brings live-bait tactics into the Spanish mackerel community; here’s why anglers put away their spoons and load up on mullet.
    September 01 at 7:00am
    Learn all about king mackerel fishing on Sept. 18 at the King Mackerel Fishing Seminar presented by the Oak Island Parks and Recreation Dept.

    Oak Island Recreation Dept. offering king mackerel fishing seminar

    Capt. Jerry Dilsaver will be featured speaker at Sept. 18 event
    August 25 at 7:44am
    Forget about catching small Spanish mackerel just off the beaches. Slow troll over live bottom 10 to 14 miles out and you'll catch citation-size fish this time of year.

    Anglers catching big Spanish mackerel out of Holden Beach area

    Slow trolling over live bottom is the key to hot-weather citation Spanish
    August 21 at 3:51pm
    Squid can be trolled on a rig similar to a live-bait king rig to take mackerel.

    Speed-rig a squid

    August 15 at 7:00am
    Noah Lynk switches from trolling to casting jigs and spoons for Spanish mackerel once September arrives.

    Feed Spanish mackerel with a spoon

    Casting to fall mackerel can fill your cooler quickly
    August 09 at 3:42pm
    Don’t forget fast-trolling with lures and squid for summer Spanish mackerel.

    Speed kings - Keep SE NC mackerel on the run

    Forget the live bait, trolling lures or squid may be a more-efficient way for weekend warriors to catch king and Spanish mackerel.
    August 01 at 7:00am
    Seagulls and other diving birds will give away the presence of Spanish mackerel feeding on baitfish at the surface.

    Follow the gulls

    July 15 at 7:00am
    Yo-Zuri’s Crystal Minnow is an alternative to trolling or casting spoons where Spanish mackerel are concerned.

    Cast hard baits for mackerel

    July 15 at 7:00am
    Summer means Spanish mackerel along the Grand Strand.

    The Spanish of summer

    Fishermen along South Carolina’s Grand Strand have plenty of opportunities to mop up on mackerel as the summer heat peaks.
    July 01 at 7:00am
    Trolling with bucktails or live-baiting with menhaden will help you fill your Lowcountry fish box with Spanish mackerel this month.

    Two tricks for Spanish

    Lowcountry anglers will get plenty of nearshore action this month
    June 26 at 2:39pm