Catching mountain trout on the Chattooga River

Chattooga River is stocked regularly, offers easy access

South Carolina anglers have plenty of fishing options, especially this time of year. But one that is often overlooked is the great trout fishing in the upstate. Usually when anglers in the Palmetto State talk about heading to the mountains for some trout fishing, everyone thinks they mean western North Carolina. But they’ll find some great fishing on the Chattooga River.

These are mostly all stocked fish. So if you’re a purist looking for a sizable population of wild trout, this isn’t what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for a fun day on the water catching fish in a beautiful setting, South Carolina’s “Golden Corner” is just the place to be. This time of year in that part of the state, cool mornings give way to warm afternoons. So it’s a comfortable time to fish.

Check out this video from the folks at Pautzke Baits as they catch rainbows and brook trout. And notice they are in an area with easy access to the Chattooga River.

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