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    A comment titled: Re: Dog Running in response to a report titled: Dog Running

    Hey everyone. Just got finished dealing with some dog hunting issues that turned south over the weekend and had to post this the way it was put to me. I'm a huge supporter of dog hunting and still hunting and anything outdoors. Hunting and fishing are life to me and my two young sons who I am bringing it in the sport. For us old boys that grew up dog hunting it is a tradition that's about much more than the kill. So anybody that disagrees has obviously never heard that beautiful music . But moving on, the biggest problem in today's society is the lack of respect from some poeple toward landowners and people who still hunt. I own land and still hunt. I want to throw this out there as politely as possible. I hunt with a small club and we lease a lot of land. Sometimes our dogs go on other people's land. That's when you need people that know how to talk to people and not go on other people's property acting like they own the place and disrespect the landowner who's land may or may not be posted. Bottom line is this. We're gonna weed out our bad apples beginning now. Things are gonna change. It would be good for all clubs to do the same. As hunters, outdoorsmen, gentleman and sportsmen, if we don't begin to rebuild these relationships that some of us have worked so hard to repair over the years and begin to police our own members and hunters the only thing we're doing is opening doors for all the liberals and anti hunters to come in and do it for us. And we all know what that's gonna lead to. It would break my heart to know that one day my boys will have to give up shooting and hunting just because we can't all come together and take care of this ourselves. This is my plea to any and all who may read this post, share it, screenshot it, text it whatever means you have of getting it out there... Let's all join together and stop bickering and rebuild our great name. If for no other reason to make sure our children get to grow up and pass down these traditions that we have had the pleasure to enjoy fro so many years and that they may have a chance to carry it on for the future generations to come. Thanks for your time.

    December 06, 2017 at 9:06am
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