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  • I killed him November 13th at 7.15 am checking a area where doe's have been using on a daily basis he was coming to check them every Monday and Tuesday religiously but the times he would come according to my moultrie trail cameras was proven his show up times was unpredictable this deer had me on my toes I worked hard since opening bow season for this deer he would also show up on one feeding area one week and then a different feed area the next this buck was about 6 and half I found 2 would marks on this deer from previous shots or broad heads he was a freak of nature to survive this long my wife put in alot of work checking my cameras for me while I was working and basicly making a diary of when he traveld what the weather was temperature the whole nine she wanted me to get him just as bad as I wanted him we just noticed him this year show up early season on a feeding area I noticed several deer but this deer really got my attention his mass I could tell was gonna be incredible that's when I really started throwing the minerals to my deer I have to give a special thanks to the maker of lucky buck Apple it really works I could tell a huge difference in the growth of all my deer horns he was not the only nice one but the most unique that's when the work begin I've been hunting him hard and I woke up as usual to get in my blind before day light i like getting in a hour before day light in case deer are already feeding you don't booger them and I woke up and I said to my wife I'm tired I'm just gonna sleep in then it just weighed on my heart what if he comes in then I won't be there she said get your butt in the woods I've been monitoring this deer and he moves after a good rain he will be coming through one of your plots for sure i said ok rain didn't stop till 3.45 so it made him move later I assume I seen 7 does come in and then move out then a nice 8 walked in to grab a bite and check the scrape then he moved out trailing the doe's the. 30 minutes later in some thick stuff to the left I was watching to my left and right out of my blind and there's a big circle opening area where I feed and to my right I seen a rack appear in front of a tree I knew right then that was freak nasty my heart stopped I grabbed my shooting sticks and waited about 30 seconds he stepped out I aimed on should and squeezed off my bone collector muzzleloader and he hit the ground dead in his tracks and thanks to my moultrie camera it caught the whole thing him stepping out and then hitting the ground this was a buck of a life time and I have to specially thank my beautiful wife stormi for putting in the work as well we done it together it certainly was a special moment after I shot him I with straight and picked her and my 2 year old son Eli up to take in the special moment with me deer hunting is an amazing sport and I enjoy being a part of being a bone collector a special thanks to my best friend brandon Clinard for hard work all the long hours of hard work with food plots and his knowledge of being a avide deer hunter aswell all paid off and to my lord and savoir for blessing me yesrday not ing on November 13th it will be a day I never forget .

    November 14, 2017 at 4:26pm
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