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  • 8 point 16 1/2 inches inside. Killed 8/15/17, opening day in Barnwell, South Carolina. Matthew Webster from Williston, SC. I had got into the stand a little later than I had wanted to. Got to my land around 615 and into my stand around 630. As I'm walking to my stand, I see a few hogs in the corn pile. Being opening day I didnt want to shoot too early and scare off everything I had aspirations of seeing that morning. The hogs wondered off and I made my way to the stand. I was sitting in the stand for maybe 30 minutes before I saw the first deer of the 2017 season, a solid 6 point out in the middle of the lane. I decided to let him walk and just as I looked up from he scope I noticed a second body. I looked back through and it was this massive 8 point. Now I haven't put out trail cameras for years, but from being around the property I knew something big was walking, and in my mind I just knew it was this stud. I waited maybe 2 minutes for him to turn broadside and let that 150 grain corlokt ride. The deer stood at about 175 yards rolled once and made his was to the cutover. After about 30 minutes of tracking I found him and the moment was ever satisfying, both of my little brothers and my dad have a wallhanger and me being the late bloomer had yet to have one. Well now I do and it couldn't be more special than to be an opening day big buck down.

    August 18, 2017 at 10:37am
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