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  • Want to start off in apology I accidentally deleted my first one I submitted. The odds were against from the beginning. First off I woke up late 0700 so I rushed around trying to get ready in a hurry. Once I got ready I went to one of my hunting spots , and while walking in since it was already daylight I started my hunt trying to ease through the woods as quitly as I could hoping not to spook any deer. I got about 75 yards into the woodline scanning the woods and didn't see anything so I kept easing my way through the hardwoods towards a thicket in a creek bottom that I enjoy hunting. I took about three steps when I heard something rustle in the leaves when I looked that direction all I saw was a white tail and then it disappeared. Now disappointed that I got in the woods late and spooked a deer on my way into my stand I just hung my head and made my way to the stand. I finally got to the stand around 0800 an got settled in. I had been sitting there for two hours when my dad texted me to tell me that he had a couple of does coming through where he was hunting which is close to 150 yards or so from where I was, and at this time I still haven't seen the slightest movement where I was hunting. Later I looked at my watch and it was 1015 an five minutes after that was game time. Since I hadn't seen no movement I picked my phone up to text my buddy to see if he had seen anything or had any luck when movement caught my eye. When I looked up all I seen was antlers that's what caught my attention. He walked straight towards about 35 yards I picked my rifle up and he turned to his left it was then I seen the mass I could tell he was big but I was so tore up an excited I couldn't tell how big. Remember earlier when I said odds were against me well I picked my rifle up but he was in a steady trott and got down in the creek. I was trying to follow him an I forgot about a tree that I left butted against my treestand to help keep me concealed an yes I hit it with my rifle pretty hard. The buck stopped for a second then continued to trott his way to my right. I got the rifle around the tree and realized that the only shot I had through the thicket was a hole about the size of a basketball it was then that I prayed to the Lord to please let him walk that far. Well the good Lord answered my prayer he did walk that far but he was not gonna stop, and I wasn't going to have time to hit my doe bleat so with my mouth I give a good (meh) he came to a dead stop in the perfect place. I put my eye in the scope an could not find him I assume because I was shaking so bad. I brought my head off the rifle and pointed the barrel to where he was at and put my head back down on the rifle I could see brown and white it was his chest so I moved my crosshairs back behind the should blade an pulled the trigger. I shot and immediately saw him mule kick then run into the pine thicket and disappear. Now shaking more than ever you would have thought Rick Flair was hunting with the woooo that I hollored. I text my dad to let him know that I just smoked a big one, and called my best friend Shannon Suttle to tell him I believe I got the buck I been hunting for two years now. I was so excited that nobody could understand what I was even saying on the phone. I sat in the stand for 25 minutes before climbing down to go find him in the thicket. I made it across the creek to the spot wear I shot him and all I found was a big patch of hair and no blood. All I could think was that I grazed him in all my excitement I pulled my shot, but my dad encouraged me saying you saw him mule kick son you got him we will find him. I walked about ten yards up the trail that he ran and still no blood so I leaned up against a tree pouting like a three year old just scanning the thicket when I saw a white spot. I got my rifle off my shoulder and looked through the scope an seen more white and brown I had found him. I eased up to him making sure that he was dead and it was then that I seen that massive set of anlter and I was speechless. I have to give thanks to God for giving me this blessing and making a bad start turn into a good finish. Also want to thank my dad for all his support as well as Shannon Suttle for his support. I shot him with a .243 at 1020 from appox 50 yards he ran approx 45 yards before he fell. The taxidermist scored him at 151 2/8 non typical 18 points.

    December 19, 2015 at 10:35am
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