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  • I had caught this buck on cam in early summer and fell in love how much bigger he was than the other bucks around. Not the most points nor the best score but the maturity drew me to this guy! You could tell so the opening morning of gun season in the NW region in Stokes county when this hog of a buck tipping the scales at 205lbs walked out. Out smarting me several times during muzzle loading season ended at around 6:52 am after walking strait away for 80-100 yds seeming like a lifetime before ever presenting me a shot with my Remington model 700 7 mag. The 150 grain Winchester ballistic silvertip did the trick with only a 30 yd track where he made his last 'fall'. A big thanks to my dad for lending me a hand to load this big guy up. After getting a chance to see the biologists who were some great people checking weights age and ticks at Hilltop Deer processing they confirmed what I had thought I had harvested a 4.5-5.5 mature old guy as the biologist said he showed is age also from front to the rear. What a blessing it was to take my largest buck of my career of hunting.

    November 22, 2015 at 8:49pm
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