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  • This buck was killed the morning of 10/25/15. The first stand I climbed that morning was in a low area. With fresh rain water still on the ground the mosquitos quickly made a meal out of me. As I felt myself being carried away I decided to move stands. The second stand was on higher ground on the other side of the property. I wasn't there for more than 20 minutes before, at my left, the whole tree line started to move. It was a monster buck. Once in a lifetime. As soon as I laid eyes on him he started to slip across the field. Over grown with weeds, I finally got him in my scope. With his pace and an unsteady rest my best chance was an open area just in front of his path. When I saw him come through the scope and the cross hairs on his shoulder I squeezed the trigger. The rest is history. A 214 lbs. 12 point October buck. I need to start bow hunting.

    November 16, 2015 at 8:28pm
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