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  • November 15 2014 at 5:25 pm in enoree scI was sitting in a ladder stand on a incline adjacent to a ridge I was hearing the dead leafs crack as if they were being stirred up by squirrels in front of my stand. This had me pretty focused on the area waiting for something to pop its head out. After a few minutes of waiting I turned my head to the left scanning that area. I noticed movement about 75 yards away that I have never seen before! At first I thought it was the wind blowing tree limbs back and forth, but then again the wind was maybe blowing at 2 mph. I turned to look back down hill and didn't see anything so I turned back to the left. As I done that the tree limbs looked as if they were moving slowly up the embankment from the creek. Next thing you know there he was a 10 point buck weighing at 185 lbs. I was shocked cause I have never seen anything that big in the woods. I didn't really have a shooting rail on the left of my stand. The deer got to the top of the embankment and stopped for a minute. He then turned to the right to walk away towards the back of my stand. That when I said 'Oh no! He ain't going nowhere' to myself. At this moment my heart was pumping , my adrenaline up. I raised my 270 rifle free handed as he was walking upward the hill he got behind a tree that branched off two ways when I had a clear view between the the trees of his neck. That is when I pulled the trigger 'boom' he dropped to the ground.

    July 20, 2015 at 9:18pm
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