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  • Hello everyone! Me and my father have started fishing the surf along sunset beach, and right now we are a few 7 or 8' catfish poles that have spincast reels on them. Stiff as crap but they were free to start off with so I can not complain. I am looking at getting a high end rod for me to fish with, but I really dont know what to get. I have read somewhere that in Myrtle beach if you cast beyond the waves you supposedly wont get any hits. Is that the same for the Sunset beach up to oak island or bald head island? I have been looking at the CCP 3-6 oz 11' or 3-7 oz 12' for bait, but idk if I need to go ahead in get something to handle a little more or less weight. And will be using a spinning reel. Any help appreciated!

    January 13, 2016 at 5:28am
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