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  • For 12 seasons friends of mine would jokingly refer to my hunting as taking a walk in the woods with my rifle. Season 13 started the same way,but on Monday morning November 24 my walk would be very short indeed. I reached my location in a bean field after a brief encounter with a skunk, no spray as we parted our ways. After readying myself in a tree stand I glanced to my right and noticed a deer walking through the field, it was within range, I placed the crosshairs of my scope behind it's right shoulder and fired. A few moments later I was walking into the bean field and there he was, 8 points with a live weight of 145 pounds. The 13 season walk was over,but the day wasn't. Ten hours later I was back in the same stand and toward the end of my time on the stand I noticed movement to my left and followed the does as they skittered around the field. Moments later I noticed another buck reached for branches across the field, not quite déjà vu, but close. Same body placement, same result. 8 points with a live weight of 142. Praise The Lord for good friends that let me hunt, and understand my excitement.

    November 27, 2014 at 8:30am
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