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  • Tom Naumann runs a great 3500 acre hunting facility that is perfect for the hunter looking for an actual hunt. No dogs or fences as training wheels, just perfect habitat, sniper-like stand locations and Tom....who knows hogs like no other. A great lodge with everything a hunter needs and wants including a range and bass fishing lakes to use in your down time. I hunted two nights, plenty of activity both evenings and one hog harvested. I like many others, didn't realize skinning a hog was slightly more difficult than a deer, but Tom never hesitated to give me a crash course in cleaning and 11:00pm at night. Do yourselves a favor and book a trip with experienced hunters wanting to improve their overall hunting skills, hogs are 10 times smarter than deer. If you're looking for a challenging hunt...Cherokee Run's got what you're looking for without a doubt.


    June 22, 2014 at 11:52am
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