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  • Me and a friend of mine were out looking for a gobbler to shoot with my bow. So we went down to where I have seen tracks and got pictures of birds on my camera. So we snuck down there and heard nothing. We backed out of the area and circled around to head to a different location. I decided to call just to make sure that there wasn't a gobbler. We'll, right after I called the bird decided to gobble right after we had left that area. So we snuck back down the a different way and had to cross a creek to get to him. We put my avian x jake decoy about and set up behind a fallen down pine tree. The gobbler decided to come out to the left of me and flys over the creek. Then he walked a few yards and saw my decoy and flew back across the creek to get to it. When he flew over he was 6 yards in front of me and I was not even covered by the tree but he was so focused on the decoy that he didn't notice me. The bird runs to the decoy and is pressed up against the decoy trying to show him whose boss. Then he struts faceing the opposite direction of me and I draw back and release the arrow. I immediately jump up and wring his neck to finish him off.

    April 21, 2014 at 3:29pm
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