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  • Anyone know of any rabbit hunting clubs in SE NC.

    Used to hunt with bunch of guys around Ft Bragg, but retired to Wilmington area.

    January 17 at 10:40am

    Just retired back to NC and tried to find a dove hunt. Lucked out at Lumber River Outdoors hunt out of Fair Bluff. Cost was $50 and $5 for lunch. 380 acre field of corn with sunflower strips. they are going to have another hunt on this Labor Day monday and then only open for shoots on Saturdays ($25) for those shoots.

    Hint: Go to the far back of the field at the woodline and on the right side woodline at the back. Most of the doves entered there.

    September 06, 2015 at 9:23am

    Who has good dove hunts for opening day in SE NC. Know most will be pay hunts.

    August 01, 2015 at 4:30pm

    you can order online from lot of them. We did that for a property in MO where we planted about 100 sawtooth oaks. They start bearing nuts in 5-7 years and deer and turkey absolutely love them.

    February 12, 2016 at 9:16am
    A comment titled: Re: Dove hunts SE NC in response to a report titled: Dove hunts SE NC

    Lucked out finding Lumber River Outdoors at Fair Bluff NC.

    Cost was $50, with $5 for lunch. 380 acre field of corn and strips of sunflowers. 73 Hunters

    They are having another hunt Labor day Monday ($50) and then only Saturday hunts ($25)

    Tons of doves were there.

    Go to the back of the field at the far woodline and on the right woodline for the main entry dove flyway.

    They also live Native quail hunts $100 if you bring your own dog and $50 for their guides dog.

    September 06, 2015 at 9:27am
    Boutte, LA

    5 Lone Wolf climbing sticks. If you like the hanging tree stands, these are the absolute best and lightest climbing sticks made. 2.5 lbs each, steps flip from right to left and very easy and fast to attach to the trees and do not slip. Steps are ribbed so feet stay on the step and do not slip.

    5 steps will put you over 20 feet up in the tree.

    5 steps are $260 new.

    $130 you pick up in Wilmington


    October 28 at 8:19pm
    Boutte, LA

    Getting to the age I can no longer climb and just had knee replacement.

    If you are a bowhunter this is the stand for you for if you want a super light and easy to carry stand. This is the cadilac of archery stands. This is the Lone wolf base and two different seats. Both the hand climber and the sit and climb seats The Lone wolf sit and climb setup gives you choice of minimal weight with hand climber seat at about 17 lbs and folds flat for super easy carry or the sit and climb seat. which allows to climb sitting down and then turn around to hunt from. The sit and climb weighs 20 lbs and folds flat also.

    The sit and climb is $480 and the additional hand climber is $160. This setup is earlier models but basically the same.

    Selling whole setup for $325 cash, you pick up in Wilmington or we can arrange to meet.

    Check them out on Lone Wolf


    October 28 at 8:13pm
    Boutte, LA

    Custom size 8.5 mens snake boots made by Gokey.

    worn only 1-2 times. run right at 8.5 not larger size

    email or text 540-207-1288

    October 10 at 3:42pm