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  • My buddy (Chris Petty) and I (Justen Evans) killed these 3 Toms April 15ths. Chris shot one and I shot the other two. With this hunt we both tagged out! The excitement of this hunt was unreal! We had the 3 gobblers come in after some hens started the fight purr and it was a show from there! Lucky once Chris and I shot together to kill two, the third stuck around the hen and had to smoke him! Best hunt in my lifetime and nothing will too this story!

    May 04, 2013 at 3:53pm

    On the morning of October 24, I killed my first buck. My supervisor/friend and I walked into the woods together that we leased. When we were walking onto the land, we were talking about our plan for the day. As we walked into a field, we parted our ways to get the morning started. We were both in hopes of shooting 'The Big Boy' that we have yet to see on this land.

    As it was still dark, Jeff Holden(friend)and I walked to our stands which was couple hundred yards from each other. Once I got settled in the stand I tried to keep a close watch on the time. The week before I saw two does the walked out onto the field a little before day break. I was looking out for them in hopes that they have 'got up' with a buck.

    As the sunrised, I was on high alert for the does. It was 8:15am, I heard a gunshot real close. I assumed it was my friend Jeff. So what does any guy do have there phones with them when with a hunting partner? You call or text them right! Well... As I get to my phone to text Jeff to see if he got him one, two does run out into my field. I put the phone down before I could even finish the text. I rose my gun up just to watch the does. As I do so, I spot a buck behind them. This was the guy who Ive been waiting to see. The does crossed the field to a food plot. The buck seemed to be heading towards the woods. I called out the the buck to get him to stop. He didn't hear me some I called out two more times. He heard me... This was my first time to be looking at a buck through a scope. Naturally, I was nerves because I knew a 100yd shot would be hard with the 'shakes'. I took a deep breath and exhaled. I took the shot! I saw the buck kick and heard him crashing throught the woods!! I called my friend Jeff, saying 'man i just shot a monster'. I asked him if he shot one too but he said it was next to him a couple hundred yards away on another property. After the short talked I walked to the truck to grab my orange hat to get ready for the searching. I returned to the area where I shot the buck. Found the blood and tracked him about 30yds in the wood. Turns out my first buck was a 10 pointer and weighed in at 175lbs. My first buck was a hell of a experience! Im getting him mounted and im going to love sharing the story with people, as i have with you.

    October 27, 2012 at 8:49pm
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