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    A comment titled: Entry Level Bow in response to a report titled: Entry-level bow

    I just got into bow hunting this year. I did not want to break the bank on gear either, so here is what I did. Bought a used Parker Blazer bow for about $225 (craigslist) which I have been happy with. I was told Parker has great customer support although I have not had to use it yet. I did make the rookie mistake of having it tuned/sized at a big box sporting goods store (waste of $75). Later took it to a real bow shop and they re-did everything the box store had done (only they did it right this time and included a lesson.) I have enjoyed getting into the sport and it is a great challenge.

    Advice from a fellow rookie, if you buy used make sure the limbs are not cracked, don't dry fire the bow or draw back without a release, go to your local bow shop and get their advice and let them tune/size whatever bow you buy. The big box stores are OK for buying accessories, but I won't take my bow back their for service. Good luck.

    November 04, 2012 at 7:54pm
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