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  • This past December just before the holidays I took the time to plan a much needed trip to Raven Rock State park with my son to try out the winter bass fishing. With the weather feeling more like early spring, and after reading the sportsman’s spotted bass article on this same area I knew for sure we could catch something be it bass or bream. The night before I don’t think my son could contain all the excitement for I found him glued right beside me on the couch as I flicked on the weather channel to see what the next day’s weather foretold but to my fear the weather guessers were telling of this awesome cold front moving in and how it would finally feel like winter in the triangle. You know the guys at the weather station never get it wrong when the weather isn’t in your favor and that next morning we woke to a lovely high 30’s morning. So with my fingers crossed for good luck we set off on the short drive to Raven Rock with high hope still. We arrived shortly after eight that morning and the weather had still not changed, a light wind, temperature in the high 30’s to low 40’s and a strong overcast. We took the Fish Traps Trail to the river and decided that we’d set up there and try a few different things. I set my son Christian up with a simple float and split shot rig and set him on his way with a live minnow. I commenced to throwing the tried and true “Zara Super Spook Jr.” working the banks and low cover. After an hour and half of only landing three small spots just barely bigger than my lure and Christian having no luck I decided that I would teach my son the “walk the dog” action the Zara was capable of. So we started casting in this small calm spot nestled by the bank after about a good twenty minutes he had it, He was working her like a pro. So we decided to get off the beaten path a little and see if we could find some old lunkers hiding somewhere up river. After a good fifteen minutes of following the bank we found a place where we could cast and it looked pretty promising. I decide to change it up a little and try some lipless crankbaits, Christian wanting to try his newly acquired skill tied on the Zara. After only four casts under this over hanging sweet gum Christian gets the smash we have both been dying to hear! I’m yelling keep the line up and the rod is screaming drag, the fish fought hard and aggressive but soon give in to Christian. When I lifted the beauty out of the water I think my eyes grew bigger than Christian’s; it was his first Spotted Bass and the first I had seen of that size in those waters. We ended the day with that one being the prize catch and about four more not too shabby ones all landed on some form of top water. It was a great day, but odd. I have never done so well after such a wide shift in weather and never seen the bass so aggressive. All in all, I think the memories of times like that between a father and son are something to be cherished and loved. With pictures of big fish still fresh in his head my son turned to me and said, 'Mine's bigger, Dad.” She ended up being 17.5” and guessing around 3Lbs.
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    January 21, 2012 at 5:44pm
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