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  • The crew from DockSide TV finds a pocket of clear water during the opening of the Bonnet Carre spillway holding big trout eating Matrix Minnows and Mullet hard baits from

    13 hours ago

    DockSide TV 'Fighting Squalls and Spillways'

    The DockSide Crew heads out to the trusty trestle to beat the Mississippi River water that is being pushed this way by a huge cold front.

    April 25 at 11:55am

    The crew from hides out from the wind and high water seeking shelter deep in the bayous targeting panfish.

    April 18 at 9:45am

    DockSide TV heads out on the grass flats armed with Matrix Mullets and Matrix Floats to target trout in the shallows from /

    April 11 at 11:29am

    New DockSide TV 'Pond Hopping'
    DockSide TV sneaks the plastic boat in some bar pit ponds in search of some slabs with the Matrix Mini from

    April 02 at 10:59am

    DockSide TV 'Sand to Swamp'

    Come take a ride with DockSide TV on this adventure in the back woods of the Panhandle with Capt. Josh Lim using products from while fishing during the big FREEZE of 2018'

    March 26 at 1:05pm

    New DocKSide TV 'Puddle Jumping'
    DockSide TV loads the camera up in a 8' plastic boat and puddle jumps in multiple ponds in the next few DockSide TV episodes using products from

    March 21 at 7:35pm

    New DockSide TV 'The Parietti Pull'

    Louie Parettie Jumps aboard the DockSide Panga and shows how to do the 'Paretti Pull' to catch Late Winter trout trolling at fast speeds with products from

    March 12 at 2:27pm

    On this episode Dockside TV heads out to fish speckled trout across Lake Pontchartrain but the winds force them off the big lake. The end up hiding in a canal to catch bass on products from

    February 28 at 1:45pm heads out with Louie Paretti in the MRGO to catch trout and bass on Matrix Shads.

    February 19 at 10:47am

    Dockside TV hides deep inside the swamps off the rivers that separate Louisiana and Mississippi in search of crappie also know as sacalait while using the MatrixMini from

    February 12 at 10:42am head with John Rucker and leaves the boat at home. They jump from the west bank to the east bank and stay on the bank catching reds. Check this one out as they even use the ferry to cross the river.

    February 08 at 10:00am

    The matrix shad crew risks getting frostbite to catch reds as the Gulf Coast has one of the coldest winters to remember. All fish caught on products from

    January 22 at 2:17pm heads out in the mist of a blistering cold front. The only thing they could do on this day is hide out in the woods and chase sacalait. They salvage a crappie day by catch crappie on the Matrix Mini.

    January 16 at 3:52pm

    DockSide TV runs into the biggest trout they have seen all year in this episode while fishing in pea soup fog. They find them in an unlikely spot and the big yellow mouths are eating up lures from

    January 09 at 2:59pm

    Looking for ways to find fish in cold weather?? Here is some good tips from as they crush the fish after a brutal cold front they day after the snow.

    January 08 at 9:57am heads out in warm foggy conditions catching pretty trout just before a major freeze. Stay tuned for next weeks episode as we shot two videos this day catching even bigger trout in another location

    January 04 at 2:11pm heads down to the Great wall for a winter slam. Enjoy this episode on tips and techniques of targeting winter time trout. SUBSCRIBE TODAY

    January 02 at 8:45am

    This DockSide TV was shot basically on one go. A limit of Bass without turning the camera off.

    December 28, 2017 at 2:37pm heads out armed with the Matrix Minnow and finds suspended fish eating the suspended jerk bait.

    Don't forget about the Christmas SALE a few days left of all Matrix Gear and Sunglasses at 20% OFF

    December 20, 2017 at 2:13pm
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