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    A comment titled: Topo maps online in response to a report titled: topo map

    The following link displays a high resolution topo map centered on the dam at Badin. These hi-res topos cover the USA. To find your spot you can pan and zoom or try Menu ==> Search.,-80.093079&t=t4&z=15

    Full disclosure time: I am the developer of the Gmap4 software that is showing you the map. This project is part of my way to “pay it forward”. Translation: Gmap4 is free for non-commercial use. It is popular with people that enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities.

    Gmap4 is a browser app, not a native app. Gmap4 runs in most browsers on most devices from smartphones to desktops. Note that the browser does have to be online. When Gmap4 is running in the browser on a smartphone or other mobile device it automatically uses a touch-friendly ‘scroll’ interface. (If your phone/tablet does not like the scroll interface then touch Menu ==> Button Interface.)

    The button in the very upper right corner lets you change map types. In addition to topos for the USA you can also look at Google aerials and some other base maps. The Menu button gives access to various features. A rightclick will show some useful info.

    The Menu ==> “Draw and Save” feature lets you add data to the map and then save your data as either a GPX file or a delimited text file. You can also use the new map-in-a-link feature to save your data right in the Gmap4 link itself and not have to bother with any data file. To read more about map-in-a-link visit the Gmap4 homepage (see link below), click What’s New, and read the April 2 and March 21 postings.

    Gmap4 can display these types of files: GPX, TPO, KML, KMZ, Google MyPlaces, and a delimited file format.

    I enjoy looking at topo maps and one of the main reasons I wrote Gmap4 was to make it easy for people to include map links when they post in forums like this one. Here is the recipe for making a link that will start Gmap4 and display a map:

    1. Simply use zoom/pan or Menu==>Search to find the area you want to see when the map opens.
    2. Click the button in the upper right corner and select “t4 Topo High” or one of the other choices. Also adjust the zoom to your liking (mouse wheel or sliding control in upper left corner).
    3. Click Menu ==> 'Link to this map'. The link that is displayed will reproduce the same map you see on your screen.

    These Gmap4 links can be used in forum posts, emails, blogs, websites, etc.

    The Gmap4 homepage has a FAQ, examples, quick start info (in the Help file) and more to quickly get you up to speed.

    Gmap4 default map:

    Gmap4 homepage:

    Joseph, the Gmap4 guy

    May 11, 2013 at 8:26am
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