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  • Late May through middle June has been exciting times to be on the water for largemouth bass fishing here in the piedmont of North Carolina. Most fish have come off the beds and regained their strength just in time for the shad spawn. What do you get when you mix a hungry fish and a plethora of fresh new shad? A lot fun and explosive fishing. When the bite is on then small crank baits, spinner baits and top water are the baits of choice. A jig is always a good go to bait for the shy bass that are lurking near docks or blow-downs and structure. With the large amount of aquatic grass found on Tuckertown, Badin and Lake Tillery, it always creates a good hiding spot for a bass to ambush your bait. Depending on the water level will depend on if the fish will be there or not. Alot of fish are still found shallow but a few are starting the transiton to deeper water as the water tempeture heats up. Secondary points and small pockets are always good go to spots if the fish cant be found near the grass.

    I landed this beauty on my 5th cast of the morning, no scales to weigh but considering length and other fish we caught Im assuming it was around 7lbs. We caught approx. 30-40 fish between daylight and 12pm. Our best 5 was about 28 lbs. I couldn't have asked for a prettier morning or better time to catch a lunker like this other than with the sun coming up over my back

    It seems as if the bite is still there but fading fast due to weather and pattern changes. I made a trip down on Thursday(6/20) of this week and scraped up 18 lbs. however most of the bite came between 615 and 10 am. So as said once before you can’t catch them from behind a computer screen so get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Get there early and stay late and as always don’t forget your sunscreen!!! If you get the chance take someone with you and share the experience especially if it’s a kid, the memory and stories to share will be way more rewarding then you can imagine.

    Happy Fishing

    Kyle Kiziah

    June 23, 2013 at 12:07pm

    Had a great day on Lake Tillery even though the wind got rough and it was hard to hold boat along bank. Total of 18 lbs btwn 5 fish. Both of these fish came off of same bank with in 10 mins of each other. Water is stained/dingy color which is very uncommon for this lake. Fish havent moved back to far yet and can be found pretty easy with common baits.

    March 22, 2011 at 4:46pm
    A comment titled: Crystal Crawdad in response to a report titled: Great day on Tillery

    I would suggest a crystal crawdad speed trap by Luhr Jensen. It works great on Tillery this time of year in all water conditons.

    March 22, 2011 at 11:13pm
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