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  • Two weeks ago, this picture along w/a few more appeared on my trail camera in the Eastern side of Lee County. Just recently on Nov. 1st i harvested this 154 2/8' monster by pure luck and plenty of time sitting. I entered him in the bag-a-buck and figured i'd give this contest a shot and enter his pic in it also! Hope ya enjoy.... I TRUELY have!!!!!!

    November 04, 2012 at 2:39pm

    This is still a dream to me! I have never killed a deer in 17 years that would come close to this! I had been watching this deer on a trail camera and there was NO pattern. He would just show up on random occations. All i could do was hunt and that's what i did. On the evening of Nov. 1st, i got in the stand and watched a few scrub bucks cruise through and then into the cornpile. With aprox. 10 min of daylight left, this bruit fell in the cornpile to push the others out... He never left the corn until the fourwheeler assisted him!!!!! I've still not gotten an official score, but he's 17 5/8' wide, G-2's are 12' and 13', main beams are 25' and 26'.... & the mass carries out from the base all the way to the tips where they eventually taper... It's just amazing still!!!! A day hasn't gone by yet where i don't look @ him in the freezer!!!

    November 02, 2012 at 8:17pm
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