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  • Hey guys, its been a while since I last posted and I apologize. I have been very busy last few months but this past weekend I received a miracle and I just wanted to share the story with everyone. Please take time to read this email and ask me questions!
    Hi Jeremy,

    Let me begin by saying that this past weekend was a life changing experience for me. I can't express my gratitude nearly enough for the experience that yourself and Chris Stokes, and Todd and all of the men and women at Ben Pearson Archery provided for me!

    When I left home at 4:30 in the morning on friday I was as full of excitement as anyone could be and during the trip was having an excellent conversation with my good friend Gary Martin about Christianity and living for Christ. I knew that this pro-am was my first and I was going to make the best of it. My riding partners and I had discussed where to stop and eat breakfast and in general conversation I was browsing through the 2012 ASA Tour Guide and stopped on the Pearson Advantage bow. I commented on how good the bow looked and made the statement that I would love to shoot one. As short time later we reached our stopping point for breakfast and as I climbed out of the truck I noticed that the tailgate was left down! When I got to the back of the truck I think my whole world collapsed as I noticed that everyones equipment was still there except for mine. Gone!

    My heart sank about three inches and my stomached churned as I knew that all of my equipment and I mean ALL of it was gone. From bow to arrows to binoculars and releases. We turned around and drove just about all the way home back tracking and searching but to no avail. I finally said 'Guys lets go, I will go and root you all on'. Just as we got almost to Georgia my phone rang and it was Tony Baldwin one of my club members that I shoot with. He was inquiring about our location and I told him and then I informed him of what had happened and he couldn't believe it. We talked for few minutes longer and then ended the conversation. By this time reality had set in and I knew that everything I worked for in the previous months was gone and I knew it would take me a long time to recover the kind of money that I had just lost. Just as we got to Augusta my phone rang again and in the next few moments I knew God had truely blessed me! The call was Tony again telling me that he had found me a bow to shoot for the weekend! Confused and amazed all at the same time I asked what he was talking about and he informed that when I got to Fort Gordon to the shoot to make sure that I went straight to the Pearson booth because they had a bow they were going to let me shoot. So we quickly got checked in to the hotel and headed out. Upon arriving we at the shoot we hurried in only to be blessed yet again as I got stopped for speeding on the base! I explained my reason for the hurry and God again reached down and touched me as the officer said as long as my driver's license was valid he would let me go with a warning. So off we went again. We all jumped out of the truck and Dwayne who was team shooting rushed over and just barely got signed in for the team shoot and I headed to the Pearson booth. I have to say that Jeremy, you and Chris were tremendous. I was in total awe of your generosity and kindness. I was so blessed to have met you guys and in no way can ever truely express how much it meant to me what you guys did for me. I lost somewhere between $2000.00 to $2500.00 dollars worth of equipment and Pearson archery and Chris Stokes trusted in me enough to allow me, a complete stranger to take his equipment and use it!! I thank you all for letting that happen and more importantly I thank God above for reaching down and touching me with that blessing. I hope that my performance with that equipment was just and that others who know of this story will realize the type of people that Ben Pearson Archery employee and trust. The bow performed exceptionally well and I couldn't have asked for anything else. I hope to shoot for your company and even if I don't I will own a Pearson bow and always speak highly of you guys. I will reach as far and wide as I can to tell this story! Thank you so so much for your kindness!!

    Monty Mesimer

    Clinton NC

    April 30, 2012 at 9:41pm

    Well hello again to all north carolina sportsman. I am proud to finally post a pic of a nice buck I harvested last evening. As I drove to my hunting land I was thoroughly disappointed because I had just left the first choice for my evening hunt. Why the disappointment? As I stepped out of my vehicle and prepare my things to head to the stand the landowner of the piece of property I was getting ready to hunt came up and informed me that he and his family had made a decision and that I would no longer be able to hunt the property any longer. I asked politely why and he said that they had too many problems from others that had hunted there as well and to make things simple they just weren't gonna let anyone hunt. So to my dissappointment we shook hands and I departed. As I drove away I thought what do I do now. Well, this year I got a little honey hole so to speak and unfortunately I can't post the picks from it at the owners request, but I can say that I think it was my saving grace for the day. I don't like to hunt the property a lot but I felt like that would be my best bet seeing as though it was getting a little late for my taste. So I finally arrived at the honey hole and promptly got ready and hustled in to my stand location about 3/4 of a mile from the truck! Hurried up into the lock on and pulled my bow up and checked my watch and peered at 4:45p.m. boy was I upset. Frustrated by all of the events I felt as though nothing good could come out of the rest of the day. But I was delightfully mistaken! I watched the time tick away and saw very little and heard very little. In fact at 6:30p.m. with light fading fast I looked up and to my surprise there stood this beautiful 8pt 170lb buck! I thought where in the 'h' did he come from. So I quietly and quickly grabbed my bow from the hanger and stood up. He never knew I was there.... hehehe.... what came next was the most awesome feeling in the world to me. That is that adrenaline rush of getting to full draw and peering through my peep at the vitals on him and holding for the right moment. Then all at once...thump.smack and the sound of him crashing through the woods. I will say this. He is my best buck to date with the bow but there are some real brutes in this honey hole we've got this year. Well thanks for reading and congrates to all the guys and gals that have taken some good looking deer so far this year. By the way I was kidding about not posting the pics. Here are a few we are looking forward to running into.

    October 24, 2011 at 6:39pm

    Well folks the very first thing I would like to say is I apologize, but I told ya so. I sat back and read quite a few posts and comments since I the whole long range bombs post was made and the previous discussions on shooting 100 yards. In each of them I got to read what appeared to be guys voicing their opinion and that is the reason for this site. Also to learn from each other and all the things that all of you have all ready said, so there's absolutely no reason to continue that. As far as the 'I told you so' goes, if you look back you will see that I stated that talking about it would create a debate and it did. The ulterior motive was and I will say gladly is that I got to read comments from people I had never read before. Did I want to start a debate? HELL no. I just like hearing what all of you have to say.
    I will say this though and hope that all of you read it with an open mind and think before responding. I took two years worth of psychology while in college and learned that when people read they only see the first and last letter of most of the words they read and thus don't always get the meaning of what is being said. No harm intended, I simply learned to slow down and think more before I responded to what people wrote or said. This is an awesome sight and I am glad that it is here. I continue to hone my hunting skills by reading all the post and comments on topics of interest to me. So again, I apologize for starting, or at least I feel like I started it, the great debate, and good luck to everyone in the future hunting season.

    August 21, 2011 at 5:51pm

    50,60,70,80 and so further and further and further, whatever floats your boat guys!!! Yardage is, well, yardage. What's ethical and what's not? Great debate question, but it is just one of those questions that get folks all stirred up and nobody really is right or wrong. So whats the point? The biggest thins I can tell ya about long range shooting is that I put the time in practicing it because it makes me a better shooter. I don't know the exact data but I am pretty sure that if someone would do a survey they would find that the average bow kill in North Carolina is around 30 yards. Yeah me and my buddies Viper and Chet shot 6 inch balloons at 100 hundred yards and I still got plans to post a video up here of a 150 yard balloon break. Its is all done for fun and the love of our bows and arrows. I suggest everyone who bow hunts to try and make those shots. Why you ask, because it will give you a good idea of how good your set up is and how steady you are. Do I think I can kill a deer at 100 hundred yards? ABSOLUTELY! Does it mean I will take the shot. Well I have it lined up for early season and I know what the limits are for me. All the conditions will have to be right though. So don't read too much into breaking balloons at that distance just enjoy the fun. Its like the impossible shots show, you watch it for fun but it don't mean you go out and try it. Good luck to all this season and all the pics I have checked out are great. Just wish I had some to post!

    August 18, 2011 at 8:39pm

    I would like to personally send out congrats to all hunters in North Carolina and any other hunters from outside of North Carolina on harvesting white tail deer and then I would like to challenge all of you as well. I looked at the forum side of this website and see that some of the posts that have been made have been viewed close to 2000 times but only commented on maybe 10 to 20 times. Well that sucks. This site is for all of us to communicate with each other and learn! So if you take the time to pull up the site and view the reports then just log on and make a comment! I have learned soooo much reading and talking with the guys on this site but there are so many of you guys out there who never say anything! Don't be a bunch of chickens! North Carolina may not be loaded with 220 class bucks but the only way we will get there is if we all get on the same page and work together and that means COMMUNICATING with each other.

    August 10, 2011 at 9:42pm

    As the hot summer days pass and kids grow weary of a new school year and vacations subside I find myself, like all of the guys on this site I'm sure, counting down the days until the opening of hunting season. It's always the time of year that I find the most enjoyable. It seems as though no matter what is going on either around me at work or at home, when I get away for a day of hunting, I can finally relax. Maybe its the scent of the woods or the breeze brushing across me or whatever, I find my peace. Sometimes the days seem so long and the stress is so high with the everyday grind and all the problems with the economy and listening to all the complaints that people have, I can let it all go when I change my clothes and put on the hunting attire. The words peace, serenity, relaxation, enjoyment, pleasure and so forth and so on, always come to the forefront of my mind when it gets this time of year.
    Love the sport is what I do. I will give it my all and enjoy every second of it. I will admire the sounds and sights and smells of all of God's creations each and every time I sit perched upon my stand. Doesn't matter if I harvest an animal or not. I vow to just enjoy the moments and love the sport.

    August 09, 2011 at 8:56am

    Well guys and gals I have been checking out the lastest posts and see that Viper and GT have been offering up some very good advice on practice habits and elevations and peeps and all that jazz so I figured I would say thanks and throw out a few little things as well. Just remember when you are in your stand whether it be a climber or ladder or lock on stand and you are practicing, that you must and I reinforce the must, wear what you are gonna hunt in and practice the entire season! Shoot from the ground and in the air. If you don't have a range finder that will give you the difference in yardage from the ground to an elevated position then you just have to learn it yourself through practice and be sure to make notes. One tip I know a lot of people don't about is the straight down shot. Try this and tell me if I am wrong. If you climb 18 to 20 feet high and shoot straight down at a pie plate I would be willing to bet that if you use your 20 yard and under pin that you will miss. Why!!! The target is only one yard from my stand! Thats exactly why, if you take notice when you shoot your bow around 30 yards what does the arrow do??? It will lift off the bow string and elevate somewhere around 5 to 10 inches depending on the bow you shoot as well as the arrow. So when you shoot straight down try aiming with your 30 yard pin at the pie plate instead of the 20 yard pin and see where you wind up. It's a pretty neat trick but its really all about geometry. As far as the peep thing goes yeah thats a touchy subject. You can learn to shoot without it and be pretty accurate but one thing is for sure. If can use circles and what I mean by that is, your sight is a circle and your peep is a circle. So if you put one circle inside of the other you will never be inaccurate. If you don't use a peep and anchor in the same place and put your nose on the string but your bow arm is just a half inch higher or lower than normal then you could be in for a surprise when the arrow leaves the bow string. No harm intended GT because I am sure that you practice enough that your form is solid, and you are exactly right. If you don't have the best form but shoot the same way every time then you will teach yourself how to shoot accurate every time. So keep practicing people and get ready cause season is comn fast!
    P.S. Food for thought.
    If you hunt out of a climber be careful how high
    you set the top section at. I had a good buddy set his too high and when he went to shoot at a big doe at around 15 yards he missed! He couldn't understand why but he knew the shot sounded different and from across the field I knew he missed because I heard the bow go off. So what happened? Well simple, when he bent over to make the shot his lower cam will was already at full draw and when it rotated back around it hit the arm of the climber and kicked the bow up and he missed as well as flat spot the cam wheel.

    August 08, 2011 at 8:39pm

    Hey guys, just want to say thanks for all the info on my last post and GT I really appreciate the reminder on the scent issue before the season starts. That ties right in with this little post about bow preperation.
    With bow season looming in the near future, just like last year and the year before and so on and so on, I constantly get local guys calling and asking me to look at there bow! I know its hot and no one wants to get out there and practice and they procrastonate until the last minute before they blow the dust off the cam wheels. So here is a little tip for those of you that may fit in that category. First make sure that your string and cable set aren't dry and brittle. Then, when you pull it back be sure to be careful and glance down and up the length of the bow and make sure you haven't developed a leaning cam. If everything looks good then let her rip!! Just don't forget the arrow like I have seen done in the past!! That doesn't turn out to good when its all over. If you went out and got your bow serviced at the local bow shop and have picked it up and are shooting but it just doesn't seem quite as fast as it was or just not shooting the same then here are a couple of things to check. First pull out your paperwork if you have it and check the specs on the bow. If you don't have that stuff then check out your manufacturers website because most them post the bow data online. What you want to look for is things like axle to axle (ata) length and brace height. These are the two most common things I find wrong with bows when they don't perform right. A lot of new string and cable sets may be the correct length but once there on the bow you still need to take the measurements and make sure they are right. Just today I put a new set on a Mathews XT but only had 58lbs of draw weight. WOW! It was way off. The way to correct this is to correct the twists in the buss cable. But you have to remember that when you put twists in the buss cable you gotta take some out of the bow string. Its a bit tricky so I suggest taking it right back to you pro shop when you have checked your data. Carry it with you and have them measure it and then watch the expression on there face when you ask them for your money back because they didn't set up the bow right the first time and now you have lost money on fuel to get it back to them. Its an awesome thing to see those guys just sink once they know you've got them. But seriously, what I have mentioned is a very common problem I see every year so at least take the time to check your equipment before you actually go out and shoot it a little because a compound bow can do some serious damage if it explodes on ya. Thanks for reading and drop me a line if you have any questions.

    August 03, 2011 at 8:51pm

    Well guys as the opening of bow season draws closer I find myself torn a little about what to do to be successful this year. Under usual circumstances I would be loading up the feeder and stand sites with corn and setting the trail cams to grab every bit of footage I could get, but this year things are gonna be a little different! From the price of fuel just to get to each stand location and the cold drinks to get you through all the trimming and hard work to the unbelievable price of corn this year I am gonna have to look at some alternate ideas. I know its gonna be risky but with everything thats going on with the government from raising the debt ceiling and going after the hard working lower class american hunters for all their taxes instead of chasing after companies like GE, which owes millions in back taxes, for what they owe I find myself searching for solid trails and natural food sources that I can count on to produce quality deer sightings. I think I am gonna try some pears on the ground and grapes and berries that I know deer look for naturally. Its risky to introduce pears if there are no pear trees around but I believe if I get to it early enough I might can trick a few slick top does to slip in and give them a taste, and everyone knows that where the does go the big boys will follow. Don't get me wrong, I love the thought of blowing an arrow through a nice buck but I will take that doe just as fast. I love the hunt but I love the food better. With a little luck and good scouting I think I just might pull off a miracle!
    Hell one of my good hunting buddies has already talked with me about making a natural cover scent spray and I think its gonna be a big hit. I hate to tell ya but its a secret right now, but if it turns out good you can count on one thing for sure. Scent away, Dead Down Wind, and other manufacturers of scent control products won't reap the rewards of my hard earned dollar bills this year. The one control product that I know I will have to spend money on though will be my Thermacell! Just can't live without that baby! But enough's enough, I hope all you guys have a safe and productive season and remember that our children are our future so take a kid hunting this season.

    August 02, 2011 at 8:33pm

    Hey guys, just wanted to respond to an excerpt that was posted on this site in a comment to a post made by viper a little while ago. The arrows that viper shoot and show you the group of and the cool video of the melon test are the High Country Archery carbon revolution arrows and yes they are fast. In fact they are super fast! The article found on google about the arrow exploding and the splinters was old. Without getting into an argument I will say this. They are super stiff and will crack if they contact each other a lot. I shoot the 5.5 speed pros and have for over a year. I also shoot the HCA Speedpro X10 at 70lbs and 27' draw length. I have seen my chrono boast 351fps by shooting them. I broke quite a few of them but that was before I had tuned them and the bow. The simple fact is that every arrow company warns you to check each shaft after you shoot it and most of us don't bother. We just simply pull it from the target and let it fly again. So take heed to the warning labels and be safe with your equipment. If you try them you will fall in love with them! I know I did!

    July 31, 2011 at 8:16pm

    Sunday evening proved to be an awesome evening hunt for one of my good friends and customers Mr. Chet Peterson. Just about ten minutes after 5:00 pm I received a text from him telling me to keep my eyes open for a nice buck. I responded asking him if he had seen one. To my delight he said no that he had 'smoked' one at 70 yards. I was trilled! I have spent a lot of time doing the math and had been telling him and many others that white tails could be harvested from that distance. Anyhow, Chet had been waiting patiently on something good to happen and it did. As he stood on his lock on he noticed a nice doe and was preparing to take the shot on her when all of the sudden the buck she was bedded with got up behind her. To be certain of his shot he ranged the unaware buck at 70 yards on the money. We have been practicing those distance shots all season long so he felt confident and sure that he could make it. With no wind moving and Chet drawing his bow the buck turned broadside and the looked across towards him as he drew. Standing at full draw Chet unleashed his Goldtip arrow tipped with the two blade Rage broadhead he loves so dearly. Once the shot was aflight he said it felt like forever before the arrow got there. Feeling like the buck might 'jump the string' he wasn't sure but when he heard that wonderful 'water barrell thump' he knew that his shot was true. The buck bolted towards a thicket and disappeared. Doing the right thing Chet pulled out and waited before tracking until my hunt was over. Once down from the stand and packed up, I went back with him to his stand location and we ranged back from where the arrow was found and sure enough 70 yards with a pass through. Congratulations to my friend Chet and for all the doubters please read this post with a knew found optimism and understand that this was an awesome shot.

    November 15, 2010 at 1:10pm

    After 31 long years of hunting it finally happened! Yesterday evening at 5:30 on the dot I sat perched on my climber just about 25 feet up and heard the sound of hooves tracking through the dried leaves. Just before that I had witnessed 3 nice sized tom turkeys creeping by so I must say my senses were in the high alert mode. As I rose to the sound of the hooves I grabbed my bow off the hanger and readied myself for the shot. When the deer finally walked in I saw that is was a huge bodied three pointer that I was going to take. As I got to full draw and was applying pressure to my release trigger I heard another sound. Quickly I looked up and saw another buck easing in to my corn pile. I held my bow at full draw as long as possible and finally the bow decided it was time to go as my arms were to weak to hold it back any longer. Luckily neither deer spooked!! As the 6 point 160lb buck cautiously approached I readied myself again doing my best to calm my nerves. When he finally stepped into a good opening I knew I had to draw and shoot as he postured up on the 3 pointer and the hair on the 3 pointer stood up. I knew if I didn't draw and take the shot I probably wouldn't get to. So finally after thirty one years of hunting white tails I have harvested a buck that I can mount and put on the wall of my store. He's no giant but by far the largest buck I have ever taken.

    November 12, 2010 at 8:47pm

    There are times that you find yourself in the midst of the perfect situation and then all of the sudden it's gone. This evening I entered my stand location set in a beautiful white oak grove somewhere around 5:00 pm. Packing my climber, back pack and bow in hand I gingerly eased into the woods and made my way to my tree ever so quietly. In only a few more minutes I was perched nicely on my stand amidst the acorn rich white oaks just simply enjoying the evening breeze and plesant sounds of the woods. Somewhere around 6:15 pm I heard the sound of leaves rustling out in front of me in the distance. Easily I stood to prepare myself for what I hoped would be a nice mature doe or better yet a big buck, but to my dismay it was only a gray squirrel gathering acorns. Just after eyeing him I fixed my sight on him in hopes that he would alert me to others that might be approaching. It wasn't but just a few seconds later that he did just that! Bounding quickly to a nearby pine he scampered around to my side letting me know that something was moving towards my location. My adrenaline started to kick in and shortly thereafter I too was aware of what he was looking at. Three enormous Tom turkeys were prancing in! It was at that moment that I knew God had blessed me today and good things were in store for the rest of the evening. The turkeys pecked the ground around them a few times and then retreated back the way they came. As I started to hang the bow back on the hanger I noticed movement off to my left and to my delight a deer moving through the woods towards my location. Once close enough I made out that it was a beautiful little button buck, but coming right behind him was a young doe. By this time my heart was already pounding and my adrenaline pumping. As I watched ever so closely I spied a much better deer cruising in to my locating as well! I was wrapped up in those wonderful creatures. Before I knew it there were twelve eyes and ears and six noses less than ten yards from me! I just knew they could hear my heart pounding inside my chest but to my surprise they were never aware that I was lurking less than ten feet above them. As I careful positioned my bow to take the shot on a huge doe to my left I noticed that the button buck had become nervous! I drew my bowstring sooo slowly that my right arm began to tremble from the strain and just as I was about to reach full draw and take aim the button buck made that famous warning stomp and bounced away. As the others followed and I let my bowstring down I was left to wonder what just happened. I examined the situation and came to the conclusion in only a few brief moments as the answer was provided by my fine feathered friends. They were all taking roost on some nearby trees and had startled my prey! I stood there let down for only a moment when I realized that I had truely been blessed to be in a place with so many of God's animals so close by. It was then that I remembered a verse from the King James Bible. 'the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.' Job 1:20-21.

    October 06, 2010 at 9:06pm

    Well congrats to all that have harvested deer this weekend. My better half, Nancy harvested her first ever bow kill, but me on the other end got busted. Well, not really, just got back home from a great stalk but couldn't quited seal the deal. I got 28 yards from a nice 3.5 to 4 year old 8ptr standing in the bean field eating my corn. Just as I was positioning myself for the shot he raised his head and spotted me!!! Never really spooked but he turned to face me and decided he wanted to stay that way, so needless to say I would take the shot as it was a frontal chest shot and I won't ever take that shot on a beautiful creature like that! He continued to eat for a few more minutes and then turned and bounced twice back into the cutover he came from!

    October 03, 2010 at 7:03pm

    Hey guys and ladies, just wanted to congratulate my babydoll and let all you females know that you too can killem with the string and stick! This is Nancy's first ever bow kill. It was a great shot on a nice 7pt. buck. If you score it southern style and can hang a ring on it then it's a ten! So while everyone else has pulled out their smoke poles we will still be droping them indian style!!

    October 03, 2010 at 10:34am

    Hey all you hunters and avid outdoorsmen I just wanted to say that I know I don't get the opportunity to post many stories and or photos but I wanted to say that I appreciate all the stories and comments that I read on this website. I spend most of my time in my store trying to get it off the ground and running so that maybe one day it will allow me to have more time in the woods or on the water. The stories that I read inspire me and the advice I read even though I may not agree with all of it is still kept tucked in the front of my mind so that I may use it when needed! Being in the outdoors is crucial to the success of our humanity I believe. I like to say that our youth are the keys to our success and keeping them in the outdoors is the key to their success and their success in the outdoors will gaurantee the future. I may be wrong but its just the quality time that we spend with them in the outdoors that keeps them close to us and builds their moral fibers. So to keep from rambling on I will end with this. Keep hunting and fishing and posting those stories and take your kids out there with you. Teach them about morals and ethics and wildlife in genearal and allow them to grow into respectable outdoorsmen like all of you guys.

    September 30, 2010 at 9:32pm

    Sorry viper for the mistake on the yardage. I am sure that if given the opportunity you will get that seventy yarder this year. I appreciate the posting about the store and with a little luck and hard work I am pretty sure it will succeed. I hope that anyone interested in the store or just info will give me a call. I will be glad to help in every way I can.

    I just hope that everyone interested in archery wont get caught up in all the hype they see on the Outdoor channel or Pursuit. There are a lot of products out there that are overpriced that don't deliver quite what they say they can. The marketing industry is really crazy and a lot of folks let the commercials get the best of them. Its hard to beleive but I've got a customer selling his Mathews bow to buy a Parker! You don't have to spend a ton of money now days to find quality. The honest truth is that you should really find what feels best to you! Years ago there was a reason to buy certain name brands and it was because of the quality in the product. The industry is so tight now that you really just need to find what suits your style and form the best.

    August 12, 2010 at 8:55pm

    Hello all,
    This is my very first post and I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I enjoy reading everyones' posts and learn from them. For you Viper, WAddictions is finally here!I am sooo ready for the season to get started. I know that I will have very limited hunting opportunities this season so I'll have to make the best of them. Looking forward to letting the carbon sizzle off my bowstring and harvest me some (in the words of Nugent) 'backstrap'! Goodluck to everyone this season. If anyone has any archery questions I will be glad to try and answer them.

    August 11, 2010 at 10:55pm
    A comment titled: News Flash in response to a report titled: Lost my bow and broke my heart!

    Hey thanks guys for the comments. Just wanted to let you know the part of the story thats not in the email. I shot that entire ProAm with a bow I had never shot before and had the highest score I have ever shot. I later found out that the bow I shot wasn't even going to that ProAm but something told Chris to bring it. I was so amazed by the entire chain of events and how they happened. This is a story that I would love to have on the cover of The Sportsman Magazine for everyone to read. I am now living proof of God's miracles and I want everyone to bear witness to it.

    May 01, 2012 at 8:37am
    A comment titled: That's My Buddy! in response to a report titled: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!

    Viper thats some perty good shootn! I am glad to see that you can still shoot that Hoyt but we need to talk soon. I think I am on to something big! Give me a call as soon as you can.

    April 30, 2012 at 9:47pm
    A comment titled: Its time. in response to a report titled: Ruttin

    Hey Viper, I didn't tell you Sunday night when we talked on the phone but the 8ptr I shot Sunday wasn't quite ready yet. His glands on his back legs were wet and ripe but his neck hadn't started to swell any yet as you can see in my pic. I will say this though, the rut is about a week to a week and a half away. I agree with what the other guys are saying. This past Friday in Wayne county there was a giant 10pt killed and he had his head down and came out behind two does'. The guy who shot him said he looked like a blood hound everywhere he went. So I think this weekend will be a great weekend in eastern NC just because of all the sign I have seen and what I found with my buck.

    October 25, 2011 at 11:37am
    A comment titled: Update On Pics in response to a report titled: Finally!!

    Sorry guys, I haven't been able to get other pics online. I think they are avi files and this site isn't letting me upload them.

    October 24, 2011 at 7:05pm
    A comment titled: Follow Directions in response to a report titled: Pardon Me

    GT I concur completely with following the owners manual! The grains of your bolts is also a key point as well. From the sound of it, your equipment is rock solid. I wouldn't have mentioned the other knocks but I have seen with my own eyes a crossbow string jump the knock and explode at the end of the shot. The pressure from the string jumped over the end of the bolt and then dropped down on the shaft and propelled the bolt about ten feet and the rest of the mechanical parts about twice that far. There were parts and pieces flying everywhere and the look on the guys face was priceless. You couldn't have drove a ten-penny nail up his you know where with a sledge hammer he was so scared. I am tickled to death to hear that you would rather shoot that Bowtech though. Maybe your shoulder will hold out for ya.

    August 21, 2011 at 9:51pm
    A comment titled: Tight in response to a report titled: Bow Season

    Hey sharkbait, that's a very nice group from that range. Viper hit the nail on the head though, be absolutely positive about your shooting and I would suggest getting elevated and trying the same shot and make sure you are still gonna group the same way. It gets a little freaky up there and then its really freaky when you got a deer in front of that pin but it looks like you could do it easily. Nice group buddy.

    August 21, 2011 at 9:43pm
    A comment titled: Peanut Butter in response to a report titled: Other baits?

    I tried the peanut butter in the jar thing too, and it worked like a charm. Had deer coming in at all times to grab a snack but I believe the key was that some local farmers also had peanut fields nearby. I think that is the only reason it worked for me. The vanilla didn't do me any good although I think it does work. I just haven't figured out how to use it yet.

    August 21, 2011 at 7:45pm
    A comment titled: Capture knocks in response to a report titled: Pardon Me

    Hey buddy, I know ten point usually shoots flat knocks but with that type of knock the string has the opportunity to jump the shaft of the bolt and dry fire the bow. And yes it is frustrating all you have to do to shoot one of those things. I am not fond of them but they do have their place in hunting and I don't hold it against anyone who wants one or shoots one. It's their option and they are legit. I would call ten point tech line and ask them if you can shoot half moon or capture knocks. If so then I would give them a try for safety reasons alone.

    August 21, 2011 at 7:38pm
    A comment titled: Guess the class was worth it in response to a report titled: Pardon Me

    Hey GT, guess what? My better half just walked in the room and saw your comment and said 'Good luck to you as well' whats that mean. So I guess the course was worth the money after all since she just proved my point. Thanks for the impressive comment and letting me know I didn't waste my time studying all that stuff.

    August 21, 2011 at 7:29pm
    A comment titled: Tough times in response to a report titled: 8 pt

    That is a fine buck man. Hope he will change his time for ya a little so you get the chance to harvest him.

    August 21, 2011 at 5:59pm
    A comment titled: smack in response to a report titled: Shooter 9pt

    I feel ya brother, body looks like he could go another year or two even but I don't think I could let him go either. I just don't get the opportunity to see deer with horns like that where I hunt and then if I did and let him go he would get smoke by the dog hunters. Again no harm meant to the dog hunters it's just the ones around here where I hunt will shoot it if it only has spikes on its head.

    August 21, 2011 at 5:56pm
    A comment titled: Comfort Zone in response to a report titled: Long Range Bombs

    You know GT buddy, I am glad you said everything you did because you are also right. Its all about each and every hunters comfort zone. I think about the ethics of it and some if not most would disagree with the ethical part of taking a 100 yard shot and THAT is perfectly fine. Everyone has the freedom and right to say how they feel and it will not upset me as long as it isn't made personal. If I shot one that far away and wounded it and couldn't find it, it would tear me to pieces but the way I look at it is like this. If I sit in the stand for any period of time and one comes out at 100 then I'm gonna watch a while and see what happens. Everyone gets a feeling of how the hunt is gonna go after a while and if I see that, that one is a loner and I am meat hunting like I do every time I am in the stand then I will take that 100 yard shot. As far as the ethics go, I am very much aware that most guys will disagree, but what about the hundreds of deer that get smashed by cars and left to swell up and rot on the side of the highway or the bucks the get hit by cars and their heads get whacked off by some sorry hunter that didn't even hit it but mount the head and say they killed it. Ethics, lets just not go there, cause I will always search for any game that I attempt to take.

    August 19, 2011 at 3:10pm
    A comment titled: email in response to a report titled: NC Non Typical Velvet

    Hey buddy, just shot you and email on this site.

    August 18, 2011 at 9:04pm
    A comment titled: Bad Info in response to a report titled: NC Non Typical Velvet

    Hey nc, don't know if your online right now checkn out the site but the info you got about the mods is wrong. I shortened the draw length on one the other day and got the mod from bowtech. They manufacture the diamond line. The bow model was the rock! Took it from 29 down to 28 for a guy because he was having trouble grouping. After shortening the draw length and adjusting his form a little he robin hooded at 40 yards. So the info is wrong about the draw mods but I don't know what to tell you about the cam itself. If you want you can get up with me and I may be able to help you out. Would be my pleasure.

    August 18, 2011 at 8:53pm
    A comment titled: Spypoint in response to a report titled: A couple good ones

    Hey jtr I have three spypoints and I have been very pleased with them. I will tell ya though I do have one that I can't get the sensitivity right on and that is a pain. As far as uploading the pics. You need to convert them because I think they take avi format pics. It is the European format. Darn foreigners, lol. I also bought the solar panel and the weather proof 6v battery and box and I don't have to buy any batteries. I could leave it running year round and the battery will never go dead.

    August 12, 2011 at 12:01pm
    A comment titled: Awesome pair in response to a report titled: The Twins Are Ready

    Good looking pair there jtr. I think they are ready too. Glad to see you are dressing them in camo already.

    August 12, 2011 at 11:48am
    A comment titled: Kinetic Energy! in response to a report titled: 100 Yard Balloon Break!

    Woohooooo! I been sayn it for years viper. You and I have talked about it and now there's the proof in the puddin or should I say steel! Todays' bows are so full of energy and arrows are so stout that anyone, with some practice mind you, could not only kill but pass clean through a whitetail deer at over 100 yards. I know about the ethics but just imagine if the deer were standing still and you were at full draw. The video proves that the arrow will get there fast enough! 100 yards 300 feet per second. Do the math. One second and that deer is gettn stung. All the videos on tv show guys stopping the deer and they stand there and posture for at least 3 seconds.

    August 11, 2011 at 10:13pm
    A comment titled: That's better in response to a report titled: Viper's Turn

    Must have been a glitch, man viper thats is great shootn! Just wish I could of pulled off the 150. That's ok though we know now what can happen if the right opportunity presents itself.

    August 11, 2011 at 9:58pm
    A comment titled: Bachelor boys in response to a report titled: trail pics

    Nice bucks perch, the bucks sure are hangn tight in the bachelor groups this year.

    August 11, 2011 at 9:50pm
    A comment titled: Digital Camera in response to a report titled: Scary Trail Cam

    Hey dude, you couldn't have run that buck off if you were standn there holdn a digital camera taking those pics! Not with that mound of gold in the background! Really though that was a great buck and not all them will spook, neither me nor you nor any other guy or gal on this site knows what goes through a deers mind when that flash goes off.

    August 11, 2011 at 9:29pm
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