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  • Some of you will be taking advantage of the new law allowing crossbows. Having hunted with a xbow for the past 10 years with the handicap permit, may I share a few words with you.
    You are still flinging sticks with a string! All that is required for conventional bow applies to xbow hunting. You are not going to shoot farther or faster than any decent compound bow on the market. The xbow is easier, steadier and simpler to shoot than your bow but that is where the differences end. Feet per sec and trajectories at specified distances remain the same so please don't think the xbow will allow you to make an incredible 50 yard plus shot because that's a bunch of baloney! I never strayed outside of 40yards (preference is less than 30) and I urge you to keep all your self imposed limitations the same as if you were hunting with a conventional bow.
    As for brands or types of crossbows, I will share what has worked for me over the years and that is a xbow made by Excalibur. These xbows are pulleys, multiple strings or cam wheels. Not a bunch of fancy stuff to break! I have replaced a 12 dollar string twice and that's it!
    I have really enjoyed that xbow over the years and you will too. They are a gas to hunt with!
    Keep those shots ethical. It's still a stick and string. Happy hunting all.

    August 10, 2010 at 9:33am
    A comment titled: Where I'm coming from... in response to a report titled: What were you thinking?

    Heres a hunting story for you...absolute truth.

    Came out of the woods one evening and at about 500 yards away stood a nice buck under an oak tree. Having been a former Army Light Weapons Speacialist with hundreds of hours on a shooting range and having qualified expert with a rifle...I knew I was a pretty good shot. At 500yds I could probably put 12 out of 12 into a 6 inch circle. I was professionally trained in ballistics, muzzle/kinetic energy, wound channells, energy transfer..all that good stuff.
    Now back to the deer story...After the shooting was over and I approached the dying deer, I discovered the first bullet struck that deer in the lower jaw, blew away the teeth and left nothing but a flap of skin for a jaw. The second round struck low in the fore legs, ironically shattering not one but both legs between the hooves and first joint...they were held together by strips of hide otherwise, they would have been amputated. As the deer attempted to hobble away on those before mentioned legs, I sent a third round downrange and learned that bullet struck the deer high in a hind quarter and knocked it to the ground. My final shot was delivered into the neck as I stood over him.
    I was in my mid 20's at the time and am now pushing 60 years old. I was raised on a farm, hunted all my life and scored 99 out of a possible hundred on a U.S. army rifle range wich included upper torso targets at 1000 meters. I knew how to shoot the day I butchered that buck. What went wrong? How could I mangle a deer like that with my experience in shooting? Thought about that for a lot of years and have a single was too far away. I can't begin to express what I thought of myself as I watched that animal gasping for breath, jaw gone, legs shattered and a gaping hole in its flank. I was pretty ashamed of myself.
    From that day on, my friend....I have shortned those distances with rifle, bow and muzzleloader... and have never maimed an animal since.
    Whenever I hear someone boast about the 400 yard shot on a running deer and hit it right in the neck...In my experience, I'm listening to a fool.
    All my deer are close as I can get them, standing still, unaware and I pray to drop them as if they were struck by a bolt of lightning. I have passed up beautiful wall hangers, maybe a buck of a lifetime because I refuse a marginal shot.
    I'll let someone else make the incredible long shot..I got a belly full that has lasted me a lifetime.

    September 30, 2010 at 8:26am
    A comment titled: Crossbow in response to a report titled: crossbow kill

    Buddy....that is a nice deer!
    Crossbow and on a Sunday... Gotta love that combo!
    Congrats my friend.

    September 23, 2010 at 10:45am
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