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    A comment titled: Still No Clarity in response to a report titled: t.n.t.

    If anyone has ever hunted or trapped Bobcat, you know they can be LOUD and very angry. Their calls are very shrill and menacing. You can go here to hear their sounds: Play sound 2 to hear a shrill cry. At night (especially when there is a low atmosphere), sounds are amplified and sound very close and very loud. Anyone living near an impact area for a military base can attest to that! I am not being a jerk, I am just not able to see any evidence, let alone proof, that there is a big black panther running around. Like I said before, why is there no physical evidence other than videos and pics similar to Big Foot sightings? I think it would be cool to have a big cat around here. I would definitely be the first in line to shoot film of it. I would like to at least meet a biologist or other professional (game enforcement, USDA, etc) that can say there is a possibility. All the sightings and other encounters with this Carolina Panther can be explained. On one final note, I decided to figure out what kinds of cats can be black AND live here in NC. Ruling out Leopards, Tigers, Jaguars leaves Cougars. To back up the theory that it is a Cougar, most folks who have sightings, when shown photos), say the cat matches the body type of the cougar. Here is where things get interesting. Assuming the cat is a Cougar (because black Tigers still have stripes), the chances of a Cougar being born black, while possible, are incredibly small. So, for the sake of argument, lets say for every 1 black cougar there are 1,000 regular ones. How come there have been no sightings of regular Cougars? If we are seeing exotic pets that were released, how can we explain why the reports are so wide spread? Surely there aren't hundreds of pets roaming around! Even if two black cougars (or whatever cat) that were released into the wild bred, the offspring would still likely be colored! One final note about Black Cougars. Even they aren't black. Their stomachs are white.

    June 10, 2010 at 1:37pm
    A comment titled: It is Big Foot's Kitty in response to a report titled: t.n.t.

    I have heard a lot of folks talk about this Carolina Cougar but have yet to find a biologist who will say there is one. Every picture that has been looked at has been debunked. I think it would be cool if there was one, but there isn't. If there are, why hasn't one been shot or trapped? During trapping season alone there should be at least one. If a trapper caught one, you can be sure there would be pics and media coverage. Just my opinion.

    June 05, 2010 at 9:20am
    A comment titled: We give our rights away in response to a report titled: Hunting on Sunday

    The simplest answer to the question 'why can't we hunt on Sunday' is because we give our rights away. We started off with rights and we let others take them. When I was in California in the hospital after getting injured in Iraq, I couldn't believe the signs that read 'No Smoking Outdoors'. Virginia Beach has a law banning profanity. Business owners here in NC aren't allowed to let their customers smoke... even in bars! Businesses are forced to have handicapped access. Now before anyone gets heated, know that I am handicapped and I am a non-smoker. It is the business owners decision whether he wants my business... not the governments. We can't hunt on Sunday, a crossbow is considered a pistol in Onslow County... I wonder what my kids are going to have left.

    May 23, 2010 at 9:06pm
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