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    A comment titled: The 90% in response to a report titled: Dog Running

    Once again I ask where is this 90%? I dont shoot every helpless animal I see. I let a lot of bucks walk. Only to see them on somebody's tailgate riding down the road in front of our place the next day. It is very clear that the deer are on our place because of the dogs. That is why the dogs come on our land. The excuse shoot the deer to stop the dogs dosent work. I dont want to hunt behind hounds. They are only chasing the ones I am letting walk and the ones you guys are blasting. Big bucks are to smart for hounds, food plots and corn. You got to catch them natural and hounds on my place ruins that. I would rather watch all kinds of wildlife on the stand rather than see nothing because all wildlife has been terroized by the sound of hound music all day. The sound of hound music is an excuse just like all the houndsmen saying how they care so much for their dogs. If they are so meaningful to you why do you have to use cattle prods and beat them with garden hoses to catch them? I dont want to hunt behind your dogs. I dont want to catch your dogs during the day. They stink and ruin my scent when i am on the stand. Hell, I cant catch them anywyays because they are so skittish unless I put out food because they are starving. So where is this 90% of houndsmen that are perceived as sportsmen?

    November 02, 2012 at 8:25am
    A comment titled: Running Dogs in response to a report titled: Dog Running

    You are right, they are not the same situations. It does not change the fact that the way houndsmen hunt impact others. My hunts are impacted, we have to kennel pet dogs during the season because we are afraid they will chase hounds when they cross the property, (which is what they are trained to do,protect both people and livestock from intruders) and yes we have even had stray bullets cross the property from people shooting from the ROW at the property lines. I dont impact your hunt. You guys terrorize the whole countryside. Your traditions degrade what is legally ours.

    November 01, 2012 at 9:53am
    A comment titled: Dog Hunters in response to a report titled: Dog Running

    Where is this other 90% that everyone is talking about? I am one of the unlucky ones with 200 Acres surrounded by 3000 acres of Dog hunting clubs. I get down deep and far in to some thick stuff and swamps to try to catch the big deer that have been forced to go nocturnal by the hound pressure. And I mean deep, at least a 45 minute walk from a paved road. and to thick for an ATV. The dog hunters never leave the DOT maintained ROW. Yea the dog club has more land and money thus a greater influence than I do. But how is it fair come 4:30 PM the dogs always magicaly seem to show up on our tract ruinning my hunt. You almost have to be a millonare these days to invest in a tract like my family owns. I know dogs cant read. But if you cant control them maybe you have no buisness doing it. How would you feel if my bird dog ran into your yard and scratched up you wife's car? I bet you would want to shoot my dog. How is running hounds across property lines any different.

    November 01, 2012 at 9:22am
    A comment titled: Thanks Guys in response to a report titled: 12pt.

    Hopefully I will get to try it again this Fri afternoon. I've got my confidence back on seeing some activity. I am also hoping that Silk Hope still has got a lot of bruisers with good genetics still walking around out there.

    December 02, 2009 at 8:22am
    A comment titled: Was He Ruttin? in response to a report titled: 12pt.

    I to hunt silk hope and have hunted hard the week of thanksgiving and was fairly disapointed. Is the rut over in silk hope? I only saw two shooters and they don't compare to that monster. Little bucks (1-2yr) were still running together and shooters (3-4yr) were only moving at dark. Scrapes were fresh at beginning of week but abandoned by thanksgiving. I think I was a week to late in taking vacation? What do you guys think (Taxidermist & JRH77)? I Normaly don't consider the 2 shooters that i have seen mature enough, but they are just about the only baskets that i have seen in two years. cOnsidering on taking the biggest of the two that I have seen, but if he is within 5 miles of yall and a 3rd cousin to your deer I can wait.

    December 01, 2009 at 2:57pm
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