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  • Subject: Hunting on Sunday

    1. I scouted the area all summer.

    2.I searched out the best location for my tree-stand.

    3.I set it all up a month ahead of time.

    4. I watched the deer herd with binoculars from a long distance to see which trails they were using.

    5. I picked out a trophy buck.

    6. Two days before opening day I rechecked every aspect of the hunt.

    7. Everything was in place.

    8. Sunday morning, I woke up at 2 a.m.

    9. I put on my camo, loaded my pack, grabbed my Mathews solo cam that I could shoot arrows and hit a pie plate at 50 yards every time, and I set out for my stand.

    10. This was destined to be an epic hunt.

    11. As I approached my deer
    stand, I changed my mind, decided to
    go to church instead.

    April 20, 2014 at 1:21pm

    Check out the cell-phone video of some goobers 25 mi. off Wrightsville as about a 15-foot Great White circles their boat .... please listen to the video as one of them says, 'Yeah, that's a bull shark.' Too funny.

    December 01, 2011 at 5:18am
    A comment titled: Where? in response to a report titled: Ghost Buck

    Viperx4: What state? Clear this is winter scene. Most albino bucks in NC have small antlers. This is a NICE buck. What a full-body mount this deer would make.

    September 06, 2014 at 7:58am
    A comment titled: It's a 3.5-year old buck ...or less in response to a report titled: Age?

    The body shape is the key ..... this deer has a long rectangular-shaped body, not a 'blocky' body with a deep chest...the neck's kinda small,'s a really good deer, one I'd ventilate in a NY minute with an arrow .... but in a couple years, he may be close to B&C (except for the tiny brow tines; that may be a drawback if they don't grow....really pretty rack ...but this deer has some more years to go ... if (and when, if he survives) that happens, he'll be a trophy of a lifetime

    September 03, 2014 at 2:20pm
    A comment titled: It's actually a red wolf in response to a report titled: Wolf or Coyote?

    My photo is a red wolf ... you can kinda see it because its fur is RED....was just foolin' 'bout the German shepherd...

    March 28, 2014 at 10:09am
    A comment titled: Gate City gobbler in response to a report titled: GOBBLIN'???

    Heard one on Market St.

    March 27, 2014 at 2:44pm
    A comment titled: German shepherd? in response to a report titled: Wolf or Coyote?

    German shepherd?

    March 27, 2014 at 2:37pm
    A comment titled: Did anybody understand the petition? in response to a report titled: time to take action

    If I'm reading the posts here, people want the ability to kill unlimited deer (see WRC proposals H19 and H20), will kill does but like to kill bucks. Well, guys, those three things usually don't happen at the same time. The petition, imho, makes a helluva lotta sense because it is about the only chance I see of accomplishing each of these three things at the same time. Why? Well, if buck limits are 1 in the central and west and the overall bag limit remains six deer, that means you can kill 5 does. If the buck limit is 2 in the east sted of 4, that means you still have the right to kill 4 does. And what does that do? Reduces pressure on bucks, kllls more does (which is the ONLY way to control deer populations), and stockpiles bucks somewhat. and we get bigger-racked bucks while nobody's telling you that you can't kill six deer (same as always). Some people talked about wamting to put venison in the freezer. Well, there you go. Rather eat doe than buck venison anytime.
    Maybe you don't know that farmers RIGHT NOW are getting depredation permits, gut shooting deer at night in their fields with .22-cal rifles so the deer will run off and the farmers won't have to get their carcasses out of the fiels. On top of that, Wildlife is giving depredation permits for BLACK BEARS and farmers are shooting bears with small caliber rifles. The Wildlife's proposals, coming up for public comment this month, will make THESE TWO THINGS EASIER TO DO -- WHICH IS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. If farmers want to cut down on crop deprivation by deer and bear, open up an early archery season or at least have a rule that farmers have to make an effort to contact Hunters for the Hungry, local soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc., when they're gonna kill a field full of deer or shoot bears. There's no requirement to use wild game meat shot at night for 'crop deprivation' in these proposals. So if you like the idea of wild game rottin' in fields or off in swamps with a .22 in the belly, please don't attend the public hearings coming up this month.

    September 03, 2012 at 8:52am
    A comment titled: No line in the sand for baiting in response to a report titled: Bear Hunting Proposal

    Viper: not trying to stir it but the line in the sand does not include no hunting bear over bait for dog hunters .... they can strike a bear at a bait pile and shoot him 1 foot away; that's the law ... I'm telling you that almost never happens ... most dog bear hunters are there for the chase and not the kill .... bear won't stand still while leash man walks up to the bait pile, not matter how much the bear is liking the corn or sweet taters ..... Wildlife knows this .... they did the rule so that nobody would get tickets for bear huntng over bait, as used to be the case all the time when you had deer and bear seasons overlap ... is it totally fair to still hunters? Probably not. But to the guy who said it ain't fair, why do you reckin that is? It's becaus Wildlife knows there's 1 million deer in NC and a fraction of that in bear and if you let still hunters bait, pretty soon they'd be almost no bear after it took us all this time to build up our bear ... the SIMPLE solution is what I already said -- NO BAITING for everybody, deer and bear? Somebody says well, that ain't right because I want to teak my little gun in a deer stand ... OK, put up the stand at a white oak sstand or next to a corn field or on a trail going to a beddin' area .... HUNT the d..g things; don't lure 'em with corn, whatever, and call it huntin...No bait solves the problem...still gonna have whiners no matter what Wildlife does but there's plenty of deer and bear now so it ain't that hard to find one to shoot if you got to kill somehing and that's all you want

    October 31, 2011 at 11:19pm
    A comment titled: shooting bears in gut for low lifes in response to a report titled: Bear Hunting Proposal

    I've heard the same rumor and anybody who would shoot a bear in the gut is the same kind of low life who would shoot a doe in the gut to make it crawl off and die and I've heard about that, too ... selfish, selfish, selfish is what I'm reading ... ViperX seems to not be able to make up his mind -- at one time he is for baiting and the next time he is against baiting ... the solution is easy -- NO BAITING! For anything, deer or bear. I've hunted with bear clubs that don't bait and don't turn dogs out on bait piles. There's so many deer now if you can't kill a deer without bait you don't even deserve to call yourself a hunter ... hey, if you gotta, go shovel up some bags of white oak acorns ... deer will eat them and they're perfectly legal and a natural food. Don't cost $10 for 50 pounds neither. Use some common sense and quit doing stupid things like gut-shooting animals that gives hunters a bad rep among non-hunters. Hey, they's more of them than there are of us so don't be so arrogant as to think you can do just anything you want ... get real.

    October 31, 2011 at 5:36am
    A comment titled: Let him grow in response to a report titled: Age a deer

    The only way to truly 'age' a deer is by examining its teeth (after death), and that usually requires a trained biologist.
    Looking at racks is not an accurate way to age deer. I've seen some 3 1/2-year-old Booners ... I know of a world-record typical that is dead, killed by a hunter but taken last year at a high-fence game ranch of more than 1000 acres, but it can't be scored officially and entered into the B&C record books because it was shot inside a fence...that deer is only 4 years old.....I know of 170-class rack deer that are 2 years old .... beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I'd let this book in the photo walk until next year or the next and hope somebody else doesn't pop him.

    September 27, 2011 at 5:30am
    A comment titled: Hunt the rut or does food plots in response to a report titled: lunar phases?

    Forget the moon phases; hunt the rut or does food plots.

    In the piedmont, where I am, the rut starts around Oct. 31 and lasts about 4 weeks with the peak the 2nd and 3rd weeks of November. I agree with other posters here, especially Viper4x: hunt waning moon with low light conditions in the a.m. and p.m. Deer should be moving. Bucks will be near does, so hunt food sources that pull in does. Do NOT set up on the food sources but back in the woods on a trail. How can you tell and entrance trail to a field from an exit trail? Look for buck rubs on tree trunks opposite the field side of the tree; the bucks will rub mostly coming to the field, not leaving it; so that's an entry way. Set up 30 or 40 yards off the field so you can see its edges. Check wind directions first. Never set up a stand with the wind blowing from the field toward a bedding area; you'll prolly get busted if you screw up that tip. Stay still and keep watching. No sudden movements in a stand and for goodness sake, don't drop anything, especially a glove or arrow, out of your tree stand.

    September 06, 2011 at 12:42pm
    A comment titled: Try these folks for your son in response to a report titled: learning archery

    ROB REDA: President Broken Arrow Archery Club, 117 Wolf's Trail, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, 919-942-2602

    or Falls Lake Archery Association (Durham)
    Contact/Phone Jeff Murray 919.682.8110

    Falls Lake has youth events and training. They also have 3-D shoots (body-size animal targets) for advanced archers.

    August 29, 2011 at 9:56am
    A comment titled: Nothing is certain about the xbow, ML bills in response to a report titled: NCBA


    The crossbow and muzzle-loader bills (allow unrestricted crossbow use during any gun season but only handicapped-hunter crossbows during archery season and keep the muzzle-loader season at one week) both have been referred to committees. You can go to the N.C. General Assembly web site and look up the bills by number (check out S1173 and S1144) and see where they're at at the present time.

    Remember, no bill can become law unless passed by the House and Senate and signed by the governor. If you read the story at the NCS web site that's obvious.

    Nothing is certain in the legislature and the delayed proposals from 2009 (two-weeks of ML hunting and unrestricted crossbow use anytime) are not certain to be 'thrown out' in this session of the legislature. Both bills could be stuck in committee and never see the light of day (or a vote) or they could come out of committees and be voted down. They're only BILLS, not law.

    Way too early to push the panic button or rip NCBA.

    I kind of think it's a neat idea to let handicapped hunters use crossbows during archery season but allow anyone to hunt with a crossbow during any gun season. That way the handicapped hunters keep their advantage over the rest of us and they certainly need it, if they're actually handicapped in some way. I know, I know. Some people cheat to get the doctor permits to get a handicapped crossbow permit. Personally, I don't know of anyone who has cheated and only know one crossbow hunter (down the street from me) and he's 75 years old and not up to pulling back a bow (arthritis).

    June 14, 2010 at 8:58am
    A comment titled: The proposal to allow Sunday bowhunting in response to a report titled: Sunday bowhunts?

    at PRIVATE LANDS (not game lands) was one of the Wildlife Commission proposals held up by letters of protest last year for the 2009 season (so no Sunday bowhunting was allowed in 2009).

    The proposal, along with all other held-up proposals (about 10 of them), automatically would have become part of the bills to be considered at the current General Assembly and if no one posted a bill to oppose them during the first 30 days of the session, they would have become law. However, at least four of the held-up 2009 proposals have had bills filed against them -- including the Sunday hunting proposal.

    If the bills to once again not allow Sunday bowhunting do not pass or are allowed to die in a committee, then Sunday bowhunting WILL BE LAW for this coming season.

    The NCBA had nothing to do with the bill opposing Sunday bowhunting.

    May 29, 2010 at 10:48am
    A comment titled: Why not at Dixie Deer Classic? in response to a report titled: anson beast

    TNT: Why didn't you take this buck to the Dixie Deer Classic?

    It might have won the non-typical award for N.C.

    March 10, 2010 at 10:05am
    A comment titled: H 29 is in effect in response to a report titled: Help!!

    The N.C. legislature passed H29, which opens game lands to large caliber weapons during 'open hunting seasons but while big game seasons are closed.'

    In the past, large-caliber rifles only could be carried at game lands during deer and bear open seasons. Hunters were restricted to .22 caliber ammo. But now, if any other season (small game) is open, a larger caliber rifle can be carried to take feral ('wild') pigs, coyotes and groundhogs.

    The Newsbreaker story was published in the Oct. 2009 issue of NC Sportsman

    November 23, 2009 at 10:43am
    A comment titled: On doe tags in response to a report titled: UPDATE ON SEASONS

    Mr. Starnes:

    I went online at the WRC web site and didn't see anything about a minimum amount of land required to get depredation permits or to kill 'property-destroying' animals.

    Now doe tags may be an entirely different matter. I think that's tied into the Deer Management Assistance Program, which is not the same program as depredation permits. DMAP means (I think) you have to have a certain amount of land before the WRC will come out and evaluate your land for excess deer, then they issue you doe tags, if needed.

    So I think deer tags and depredation are different -- I may be wrong, but there's nothing about minimum acreage at the WRC web site in the info about depredation permits.

    September 03, 2009 at 3:16pm
    A comment titled: You CAN kill deer anytime in certain situations in response to a report titled: UPDATE ON SEASONS

    Mr. Starnes:

    You can kill deer ANYTIME with a depredation permit -- and in some instances you can kill 'property-destroying' wildlife (like deer that eat your crops) without a permit.

    Permits are pretty easy to get. Go to the WRC web site and search for Depredation Permits or call 919 707-0050 or call your county's Cooperative Extension (Ag) office.

    If you don't have a depredation permit, you have to safely dispose of the animals at the property where you killed them (you can't keep the venison, antlers, etc.). But if you have a depredation permit, you can utilize the body parts (eat the venison or give it to another individual or group).

    But you have to get authorization for a permit through a Wildlife Damage Control Agent, who are NOT WRC employees (they may charge a small fee to check out your situation.)

    You can find a list of Wildlife Damage Control agents at the WRC web site.

    Of, if you know a local WRC biologist or enforcement officer, you can contact him or her for help.

    If you take either of these actions, you certainly need to contact your local WRC enforcement officer and let him know, for example, if you're shooting nuisance deer during June, why you are doing it or that you have a depredation permit. That way you won't get a ticket for hunting out of season.

    It's obviously a somewhat complicated process, but the permit prevents people from shooting deer out of season for trophies or killing deer to sell meat to restaurants, etc.. People have shot deer in January or other months before the season was open or after the season was closed for those reasons.

    September 03, 2009 at 9:55am
    A comment titled: mistake in response to a report titled: trail cam trio three weeks later


    Looks like I thought you were Viper. I 'pologize. Same offer stands for you calling me re: big deer.

    If you get one, call me asap.


    Craig Holt
    outdoor writer/editor

    August 19, 2009 at 8:43am
    A comment titled: Cape Fear area deer in response to a report titled: cape fear area deer


    The October issue of NC Sportsman will have a statewide game lands roundup that includes a deer section for each of the state's regions (east, central, west).

    As for deer or bear clubs, contact the NC Bear Hunters Association for bear (of course).

    It seems there's not a lot of deer-dog hunting by clubs in the southeast. It's mostly loose associations of friends who deer-dog hunt. If you Google N.C. deer dog hunters or NC hunting clubs, you might come up with some names.

    As for public-lands hunting in the Wilmington area, there's a relatively new game land called Juniper Creek (about 19,000 acres). Tommy Hughes, the WRC's chief eastern biologist, noted it has deer and bear 'but it's also got cottonmouths and rattlesnakes.'

    You should be OK hunting in the southeast for deer or bear, but I'd advise wearing knee-length boots or snake chaps, especially if you are walking around in the dark, going to a deer stand in Sept. or Oct. When it gets cold weather, the snakes should hibernate and you shouldn't have to worry as much. But if you step over a log or on one, the reaction is likely to be defensive (a strike).

    Let me say snakes are gonna move AWAY from humans as a first reaction. But encounters with humans are possible. I don't recall a snake bite down east from a cottonmouth or rattler to a hunter in years, so this is uncommon. But Hughes felt like he needed to tell hunters the snakes are there.

    Juniper Creek is mostly in Bruswick and Columbus counties off NC 211, which runs through the Green Swamp. You also can go to the WRC web site,, and view a map of this game land. Or you can buy one of the game land map books. Part of it is a bear sanctuary.

    Green Swamp Game Lands (15,430 acres) also is in Brunswick County and NC 211 (on the way to Southport) also runs by that game land.

    Angola Bay and Holly Shelter game lands are just to the north of Wilmington in Pender County. They've got deer and bear too, along with small game.

    You've got plenty of public land to hunt in southeastern NC; go scout for a good spot.

    You can buy the Oct. issue of NCS for a larger rundown of NC game lands.

    Craig Holt

    August 19, 2009 at 6:41am
    A comment titled: What's up? in response to a report titled: UPDATE ON SEASONS

    Although it might be interesting to see who wrote letters of protest for proposed and passed game and fish law changes for this year, the problem has been addressed in a story at the NCS web site.

    Please see:

    The story kinda makes clear even though letters of protest were written, the Commission could have had all the proposed game and fish laws put into effect THIS SEASON if it had understood the process and offered the proposals as TEMPORARY RULES this year.

    But that said, glad to see you are taking time to see who wrote what and what they said. A story in the News&Observer already has noted the majority of letters came from individuals and only 28 from the NC Bowhunters Association. Lessee, 28 of 200 letters works out to 14 percent of protest letters signed by ALLEGED NCBA members. NCBA guys have noted some people are CLAIMING to be NCBA members but are NOT on the group's membership list.

    August 01, 2009 at 8:13am
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