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  • This was my first year bow hunting. I started to use a bow to get a jump on the deer season. While doing this I got really interested in wild turkeys. I couldn't be happier for making this decision. After a lot of studying and scouting I got this 20 Lb.. 8 oz. Gobbler with a 10 1/16 inch beard, 1 inch left and 15/16 right spur. Had it officially scored at 13 1/16 yesterday! Best day of my life, but don't tell my wife that!

    March 10, 2010 at 2:55pm

    After deer season last year, I decided to pick up a bow and get some practice for the following season. While doing this I started to get interested in turkey hunting because I heard it was a challenge for bow hunters. After some serious research on turkeys, I went to the woods at least three times a week for three weeks until I finally found their favorite field. After being unsuccessful the first time I found them, i set up my blind in what I thought was a perfect spot. When the morning came, on Cinco De Mayo, it was pouring down rain. I had all my gear on, in my car, backed down the driveway then pulled back up. I went inside and figured I would still give it a shot. I sat in the 'perfect spot' and watched three gobblers about 175 yards away for two hours. Around lunch time I thought I would get up and move my spot for later that day or the next. I set up right near where I saw the birds all morning and decided I would stick around for a couple. Low and behold, hear come my birds running to the other side of the field where I was the first time(probably laughing at me). I called and called but they didn't want anything to do with me or my decoys. They were about to dissapear in the woods when I called one last time. This time I got cut off by a gobbler to my right. Thirty seconds later, he came running and strutting at my jake decoy. He came around to face it just like I was told. When he turned his back I pulled back. I tried to take aim, but my face mask was covering my right eye. Tried to slide it away with no luck so I just aimed through the mesh the best I could and let him have it. After a short search I had found my first turkey and my first bow kill ever on my first turkey season! I was buzzing for at least a month! Having it officially measured this week. But 10 3/16 beard, 1 inch spurs and weighed 20.5 lbs. Now I cant decide witch I like better, deer or turkey!

    August 02, 2009 at 9:29am
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