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    October 23, 2014 at 11:46am

    If any Sunday Hunting proponent could help me by posting on my Sunday Hunting site in North Carolina on FaceBook it would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to piggy back on the momentum and success that has been recently obtained in Virginia. Thank you 'CJ'

    March 16, 2014 at 9:19am
    A comment titled: Sunday Gun Hunting in response to a report titled: Sunday Hunting in North Carolina

    Vote yes for Sunday gun hunting on private land. My land, My choice; Your land, Your choice.

    March 19, 2014 at 8:32am
    A comment titled: Sunday Hunting in NC in response to a report titled: Sunday Hunting

    March 4 the NCWRC will decide whether or not allow archery hunting on Sunday in North Carolina. The NCWRC does not have authority to allow gun hunting on Sunday.

    Independent of the NCWRC commission Senator Boseman has entered a bill to allow gun and archery hunting on Sunday.

    North Carolina is only one of a handful of states that does not allow hunting on Sunday. North Carolina does allow fishing, stockcar racing and the sales of alcohol and lottery tickets on Sunday. Hunters and those of faiths other than Christianity are discriminated against with this policy.

    Hunting should be a matter of choice on Sunday, left up to the individual and not dictated by the law of the state.

    The arguments for hunting on Sunday are not mine, but written by a good friend in Virginia, which is also going through the same battle.

    February 10, 2009 at 9:49am
    A comment titled: Sunday Hunting: NC's newest tradition in response to a report titled: Sunday Hunting

    Solutions to NO Sunday Hunting Arguments

    There have been various arguments offered in support of maintaining the Ban on No Sunday Hunting in North Carolina. I wish to supply counter arguments to repeal the Ban.

    Argument: If Sunday hunting were allowed, fathers/mothers would spend less time with their families. I.E. Deer season widows.

    1) The state has no place in dictating “family time”. This is a personal issue.
    2) This Ban does not forbid: Golf, Fishing, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, NHL, or any other “past-time” that could take place on Sunday, thus taking a family member away from “family time”.
    3. The two have NOTHING to do with one another. Church is where you make it. In the woods, I am in His wonderland. No one can even begin to tell me where I need to be on any day of the week. To each our own. Religion is not the deciding factor here.
    4.) Many parents would spend more time with their children teaching them their values and getting out into nature instead of sitting in front of TV’s and computer games.

    Argument: I want to go to church on Sunday. Sunday is a day of rest.

    1) Repeal of this Ban would not keep anyone from attending church.
    2) The state has no place enforcing/supporting the doctrine of any religion
    3) Asking for a day of rest on Sunday is religious based “And on the Seventh day he rested”
    4) This is a violation of the North Carolina Constitution

    Argument: Church services would be disturbed or attendance would go down.

    1) People attend church on Wednesdays (a legal hunting day) and there has been no conflict.
    2) 43 other states that allow Sunday hunting have not encountered this problem.
    3) Religions other than Christianity, which have services on Fridays and Saturdays (legal hunting days), have not encountered this problem.
    4) The state has no place ensuring church attendance.
    5) There are currently no restrictions on operating a firearm on Sunday
    6) This is a violation of the North Carolina Constitution

    Argument: Farmers and landowners would be forced to allow Sunday hunting on private property.

    1) Farmers or landowners can dictate what activities are allowed to be conducted on their property. They simply can write “No Sunday Hunting” into their permission contracts if they so wish. It is law that hunters must carry written permission to hunt private land already.
    2) Sunday hunting would force no one to participate in any activity. Private property would still be private.

    Argument: It has always been this way.

    1) Tradition is not a valid reason for denying a liberty or privilege.
    2) It is one, if not the last, of the Blue Laws on the books.
    3) Many other traditions have been declared in violation of the constitution and no longer exist.

    Argument: Deer need a day to rest from the pressure of hunting.

    1) There is no valid evidence from other states that allow Sunday hunting, that the deer are “over-pressured”.
    2) Deer are unaware of the days of the week. So they do not ‘know’ that this day is ‘safer’ than any other.
    3) Many hunters go out on Sunday to scout, check their stands, cameras and/or feeders. The deer are not aware that the hunters are unarmed.
    4) Although there is no study to site of the effects of Sunday hunting in North Carolina except from the Federal Marine Base , conclusions can be drawn from the data in other states.
    5) There is light pressure from hunting during the week because many, if not most, hunters work during the week.
    6) Other uses of the deer hunting areas (these multi use areas for hiking, bird watching, bicycling) would also disturb the wildlife in these areas of public use. They also do more damage than hunting does.

    Argument: There will be an over-harvest of deer.

    1) Although there is no study to refer to for the effects of Sunday hunting already in limited practice in North Carolina, conclusions can be drawn from the data in other states. There has not been a negative effect on the deer herd in these states.
    2) Bag limits would still be adjusted by NCWRC as they are currently.
    3) Few North Carolina hunters fill all of their tags. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission set the limit of deer per season. An increase in harvest should not drastically effect the herd population based on the present limit.

    Argument: We don’t have the money to pay for extra Wardens.

    1) Wardens are working on Sundays already. As a whole, they do not get Sundays off any time of the year.
    2) We have, in place now, a phone check-in service. There would not be an increased workload since Sunday check-in is already available.
    3) Increase in license sales and taxes could provide needed money for Conservation iissues

    Argument: I want to walk in the woods on Sunday.

    1) If you own your property, do not allow Sunday hunting. If you don’t they how can you dictate the use of private property that you don’t own.
    2) There is large No Hunting areas in State Parks. Private property use should not be dictated to by the state.
    3) Sunday hunting in no way prevents other use of our natural resources.
    4) Hunting usually takes place from September to January which is the coldest time of the year in North Carolina. This would only apply to a small number of individuals who have many places to walk supported by funding from hunting.

    Argument: What good will it do?

    1) Opening Sunday for hunting would allow ‘working’ hunters more opportunities to take game. Especially if Saturday is affected by inclement weather or family obligations take precedent.
    2) Allowing Sunday hunting would increase the chances of hunters to supply more meat for their families, thus saving them money by extending their food budgets.
    3) There would be more use of expendable goods: gasoline, food, restaurants, and hunting supplies.
    4) There would be increased income to Hunting Preserves and Guides.
    5) There would be an increase in out-of-state hunters. This would provide increased income to local economies (Preserves, guides, hotels, gasoline, and restaurants) as well as to the NCWRC by way of an increased number of out-of-state licenses.
    6) Increased income for game processors.
    7) Opening Sunday to hunting will allow children who have Saturday school or extracurricular activities (football, soccer, and clubs) to hunt. They would not have to choose between the two.
    8) Opening Sunday to hunting would allow hunters more time to enjoy participating in a way of life that many hold dear.

    In the end the No Sunday Hunting regulation is an archaic and costly regulation. It prevents families from spending time together in pursuit of a sport they enjoy, limits income provided by hunters and sets up rules decided for religious reasons. Many current laws are passed using the reason that many other states do it so why don’t we. The next time a legislature says this ask them “43 other states allow Sunday hunting so why don’t we.”
    Support Sunday Hunting, NC's newest tradition

    February 09, 2009 at 12:13pm
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