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  • Good Evening Gentle men ,,,, had a great weekend ,,,went into my Honey hole friday Morning with my matthews and came out 20 minutes later ,,, with my first Bow Kill,,, 6 point 165/70 lbs. ,,, Returned the next day for evening hunt and at 6 o'clock ,,,the HUGE black bear i had taken several photos off came wandering out finally ,,, 1 shot ,Thompson Contender 375 JDJ ,,, 548 confirmed pounds.. 27 1/2 inches behind his eyes ,,, 33 inches behind his ears , 13 inches ,,center of his ears to tip of his nose,,,HUGE HUGE HUGE ,,, 02 trucks, rope and 6 hrs layer ,,,I pulled onto the highway with him ,,, 6 o'clock Sunday morning we closed the coolers, washed up and thank the good lord for a weekend to remember ,,, no dogs ,,, no devices,,, no 'BEAR BAIT ' just a Summit Viper, and a contender and alot of patient luck !!!

    November 13, 2012 at 7:14pm
    A comment titled: Jimanie Christmas in response to a report titled: Bearly Time

    WOW,,,,, That is awesome ,,, I shot a huge bear a couple weeks ago and was my first,,, 548 lbs ,,, I figured he was the daddy rabbit for the year ,,,but man ,,,,what a whopper,,, just got my meat back from processor and just kept unloading packs of meat to the freezer,,,,Congrats ,,,that is a Massive massive bear ..!!!

    November 20, 2012 at 5:03pm
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