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  • My First Buck!

    So the evening started off HOT! I got in the stand around 3:30pm on October 2nd and about 5:30pm I saw the buck step out the back of the field but it?s too far of a shot so I waited and hoped like hell that he would cross the road before dark. He walked right into the woods like I knew he would and around 6:25pm I looked to my left down the road and there he was standing quartering towards me I immediately picked up my CVA wolf .50cal muzzleloader and I had a second thought about taking a neck shot but quickly realized that this was my chance and I had to take it. All I saw through the scope was his neck I had no clue how big he was. I aimed cocked it and pulled the trigger the only thing I remember after that I seeing a cloud of smoke and hearing him crash through the woods. I was so excited I could barely breathe! My dad was in another stand not too far from me after a couple of minutes and getting my self together I called out.. DAD.. (he forgot his phone otherwise I would not be yelling through the woods) he said back ?did you get him? yessir I replied do you want to find him before dark? So we got down and he met me at the road. We saw blood right were he stood and tracked him about 100ft to where he had wrapped himself around a tree. At that point I?m still shaking and Dad picks his head up and says Sadie he?s a Monster! It was a huge 8 point! I couldn?t believe it! I?m crying out of excitement I thought he was just a little 4 point from what I saw in the scope. It was like a dream come true. Definitely a father daughter moment I will never forget! We weighed him in at a massive 185lbs! That moment I will treasure forever and I?m so glad I was able to experience it with my dad

    Killed in Newberry SC. I live in Columbia SC.