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  • Family record

    I was invited on this hunt by my son's friend during the rut . Me and my son, Jesse, got up early at 3:45am on Nov 15th. We were put at a handicap stand because I'm due to have knee replacement surgery this month. My son was with me so I wouldn't shoot just anything.

    We had watched over 20 deer that morning and one small 8ptr come out 35 yards from us. I probably would have shot him if my son hadn't been with me. I'm not good at judging size.

    Around 9:30am here come a doe out about 130 yards away, running like something was behind her.Jesse said get ready moma she's got something behind her. All of a sudden, there he was running behind her. My son yelled, HEY!!! He stopped. I put the cross hair on him and squeezed the trigger.

    He took off and went plunging in the ground with his front legs down to his ribcage. He got up and turned and went running back in the woods where he came from. My son started kissing me all over my face and crying, moma you smoked him, you smoked him. I wasn't believing it until I saw him. We found him not far in the woods. I still can't hardly believe it. Thank you Jesus! What a blessing this day will always be.

    Moma now holds the big buck title in our family of husband and 2 sons at 14 points and a green score of 162 7/8 inches.
    Re: Family record
    WOW!!!! What a great story and blessing to have shared that hunt with your son....Incredible buck for sure....Now you definitely have something to hold over their heads lol....Congrats