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  • My first Deer

    My Dad has always been an inspiration to me, so spending quality time with him brings me so much joy. At the age of 36, I decided to take up hunting, as this is something he has done since he was a child.

    In Lexington county SC around 9am on our second hunt I looked to my left through the brush and saw the legs of a deer coming our direction. Not knowing whether it was a buck or doe, I picked up the gun and looked through the scope. All of a sudden, from behind a tree I see antlers and immediately felt my heart begin to race. I followed the deer until I had a good shot and as I got ready to pull the trigger, he stepped behind a tree. Worried I might not have another opportunity, the wildest thing happened... he backed up, giving me a perfect shot. I pulled the trigger and he fell to the ground immediately. Afterward, my Dad and I had a celebratory drink as he and my grand father
    had always done. What an amazing day and memory for life! Looking forward to many more of these!