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  • My Boyfriend Didn't Want to Sit With Me!

    On October 3, 2015, my boyfriend and I headed down to the Allendale county to go hunting all weekend. The trip started off how they always do. Laughing, joking around, and then eventually we got 30 minutes out and the mood changed to a serious tone. I hate it when the mood changes to 'hunting mode.' Brad, checks the wind direction for each and every stand, and he checks the radar. He will then wait a few minutes and check it all over again. During this time every question I ask that does not pertain to hunting is ignored and it has been like this since day 1 of us being together. After, he decides where the best stands will be I am given options and asked where I would like to sit. This is where I turn into the sappy, clingy girlfriend, and with a twinkle in my eye, I ask 'will you please sit with me?' His quick response, 'No'. I begged him too and still it was a no. So, I decided to sit in a tripod stand overlooking a peanut field all by my lonesome self, closest to the house, so I could climb down when I was ready. But boy, I am so glad he did not sit with me!That evening around 6:15 the rain slowed down just enough for me to pop my head out of my rain coat. A group of 6 does were out about 350 yards, that was too far for me to shoot, so I had to pass. I sat there patiently. Brad, texted me and said he was getting ready to shoot at a doe in a field down the road. As soon as I looked up from my phone, he was there. He was exactly 220 yards away. Not taking a moment longer I quickly threw my gun and looked through the scope. It was wide and outside the ears which was all I needed for a green light. I can't tell you how many times I took the gun off safety, but finally I took one last breath and pulled the trigger. He dropped right there. I couldn't believe it. I texted brad and said he was a big one. Brad figured he was about 14 inches or so nothing to big, like I stressed in my text messages. When he came to pick me up and saw the deer, he freaked out. It was bigger than anything he has killed, my brother has killed, or my dad has killed. It is safe to say I will not be asking him to sit with me ever again.

    By the way Brad shot a doe, he did not want to take a picture with it and my deer.

    203 lbs. 18 3/4 inch inside spread.