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  • Caswell County 10 pointer

    I was very surprised to see this deer on November 10th, the wind was blowing and it was right around 70 degrees. At 5:20 pm he appeared and after the smoke cleared I knew he was a decent buck. Green Scored 151 6/8.
    caswell buck
    nice buck..congrats???
    WOW! maybe it's just me, but man if that pose and background doesn't look familiar....oh wait a minute... check out tomcat1075's photo...a striking resemblance...what's the connection?
    different deer, same pose, same background....check it out on 11/13
    caswell county buck
    So wuz up in caswell county???? you guys huntin the same farm, using the same guide, using the same taxidermist???what up?
    caswell county bucks
    Same photographer.
    ..and the posting from Nov. 25 in 'Bag-a-buck.' You boys in Caswell are either practicing the very finest QDM in NC or these bucks aren't fairchase?
    Congrats either way, but yeah - 3 monsters off this same property in 12 days......
    Super Nice!
    Super nice buck. Buck of a lifetime!!! Congratulations.
    Holy crap!
    That's an amazing buck for sure. When i first moved to NC, i would have said, 'That's a great buck for NC,' but now it seems like there are quite a few bucks like this or better every year. We are living in the golden age of deer hunting right now. Enjoy the venison and show us a pic when you get him on the wall.

    BTW, i love how your picture turned out. Good quality light, resolution and set up. The buck looks very composed, no bloody nose etc. Everybody take note, this is how to take the hero pic!
    Caswell County 10 pointer
    Thanks for the comments. To clarify the picture looks like a familiar background as the other two bucks we both used the same taxidermist. But the two deer were killed nowhere close to each other. This one was killed in the southeastern corner of caswell.
    That is a GREAT buck man!!! Congrats on a job well done! Caswell holds a lot of big deer and here is a perfect example...Sure want find them here in Duplin lol...