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  • Rut Report??

    Im hearing a lot of things from a lot of folks that suggest the rut maybe already coming on strong this year. From bucks already chasing hard to a good friend killing a mature 8 pt this past friday that came into his stand nose to the ground, about 200 yds behind a doe, swole up and soaked in sweat. Had another good friend who saw 5 bucks killed on the side of the road in a 15 mile commute home from work just today. Sure sounds to me like deer love may be in the air in the central/eastern part of the state as I reside in western North Carolina and have noticed no such behavior where I'm hunting. Going to see if I could get any feedback as to what others have been noticing as far as behavoir in the woods lately as I am only able to make it down to my lease in Randolph county so many times a year and have taken my vacation a little later in Nov. Hoping I'm not going to be arriving to the deer camp during lockdown!

    (I'm well aware of the moonphase dates and estrus cycle predictions that have been put out in every hunting publication known to man. Just trying to get an idea of what hunters have actually been seeing)