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  • Cashion Fishing Rods Bass Trail Q#7~Oct. 11th~Shearon Harris~An Open Event !!

    Hawg Fest~Fall 2014!! Come on out and join the crowd!
    Last one for PBC this year at Harris
    This is an 'Open Event' so join us even if you are not
    fishing for our Championship!!

    Coming Saturday, Oct. 11th!

    Sat. October 11th~ Cashion Fishing Rods 'End of Year' Team Tournament Bass Fishing Trail Qualifier #7~~ Shearon Harris ~~ Cross Point Landing Wildlife Ramp Please read the rules before you fish !!!!! Cash Only at the ramp !!!!!
    Blastoff at approximately 7:00 am...Weighin 1st flight at 3:00 pm
    I'll be at the ramp at 6:00 am taking entries. Please bring plenty of ice to keep your livewells cool along with Keep'em Aliveto help keep your fish healthy.Also bring plenty of liquids to keep yourselves hydrated as well. Also, please learn how to fizz you fish if needed. It's on You Tube and most tackle dealers in the area carry the needed tools to do this. It's very important to keep your fish alive and healthy during hot times!
    Dead fish will cost you money at weighin time!!

    This will be the 7th qualifier of the Cashion Fishing Rods EOY trail...remember, teams must
    fish 4 of the 8 qualifiers, without the use of a sub, to be eligible for the Championship at Falls, November 1st. Teams with 2 qualifiers fished without the use of a sub, can still fish the
    Championship at Falls if they fish these last 2 qualifiers without the use of a sub!
    We have about 40 teams that can still qualify! Don't miss this chance to win some great
    money in November!!!
    Points Champions & 1st Place Team Will Each Receive
    A Beautiful Custom Made Cashion Fishing Rod
    At The Championship in addition to any other monies won!!
    Be sure and become a member of Tow Boats US if you can! Be secure in knowing you have
    someone to come help if you have a problem on the water! Being a member will also give
    you a chance to win a $50 bonus ($100 at the Championship) in these final events!! Tow Boats US
    will also be feeding us at the Championship!! Thanks Tow Boats US!!!

    Thanks for fishing with Piedmont Bass Classics!
    Hope to see you soon!!!
    Let us help grow your business!
    If you would like to sponsor or help sponsor any of our tournaments give me a call.Contact Information:Phil McCarson...Tournament Director---922 Valetta Rd.---Durham, NC 27712
    Home: 919-471-1571 Cell: 919-971-5042
    email: web: